Be Glad It Wasn’t YOUR Son . . .



Happy Hump Day, Yeah!!!

Why am I so happy today?!?  No special reason … just because I can!  Some folks might think I’m “goofy” with all this calm stuff, but that’s just fine with me!  A little “goof” goes a long way often … especially if people are feeling uptight … like myself, for instance!  I try to get a little “goofy” … jovial … if you will … just to change the mood … if only inside myself!  I am less likely to feed into the drama around me.
So real quick, some of you have hit me up … responded … and I like that and I thank you for reading.  Keep in mind, as I want each and every one of you to know this comes from my heart … yep, I still have one … that if you don’t want to receive these e-mails, shoot me an e-mail saying so … I will oblige.  I have met many of you in some of the “darnest”, yet simple, cool and good, places!
Here’s a moment of silence where I am sending good  vibrations to a friend’s mother … Rebecca is the friend.  Her mother has been a bit ill and she flew in from England to be closer and help make some pivotal decisions.  So, hopefully, Rebecca, you have a moment to read this … Maybe let your mother know some stranger “loves” her, too!  As well, at this moment, I would also like to send some healing vibrations to another good friend’s mother … Ken Chiarito.  Ken is flying into the FTL this weekend as his mother lives in Sunrise and his sister in Davie, FL.  They too have to make some pivotal decisions it seems … at least to love thy mother!
There’s been a lot going on for us “humans” to deal with in the US of A, right?!!!  Land of the free … home of the brave????!  I think we’ve evolved past the stage where good human values held an important place in our lives … hard work, honesty and community.   We’ve entered the world of “cut corners” and get somebody else to do your work, be honest if you have to and someone’s gonna find out … you know what I’m talking about!!!  Here’s the last one … not community … but every “creature” for himself …. when you can get away with it!!!  What kind of world would we have if we ALL honored integrity instead, and our society was based on values surrounding integrity and our leaders were those who demonstrated and embraced integrity in their “day to day” affairs in governing!  Utopia … I know.  It is hard for me not to mention the folks in Baltimore and the events surrounding the death and funeral of Freddy Gray … peace be still!!!  Even his mother is crying out for “folks” to be peaceful and not riot and destroy businesses … even a senior citizen home was set on fire!!  Some purported gang members assisted in cleaning up and getting “rioters” off of the street!
Of course, there are those … and I can understand, not agree with, but understand … who have taken this opportunity to vent on the society … the same society that has impoverished “them” and caused them to be without the basic necessities through the vicious gears of capitalism (and racism) at the core of our society, not to mention the inequities found in so many of our society’s institutions!!  It is very difficult to do, as so many parents and siblings … wives and children of the many African American men of recent events over the past 5 years more or less discovered.  Sometimes, when I look at how people behave in “modern society” and the 21st Century, I see that those are mere words attempting to elevate a somewhat sour and near masochistic society, again … at the core.  There are those of us who reap the benefits of our own hard work and perhaps even our parents who “learned the ropes” of how to get ahead in our society and become a member of the international community while being from the United States of America!  The American Dream … that is so far away from some of the sisters and brothers in our inner cities like Baltimore … also designed by our society.
Okay, I just want to mention that one of the readers and a friend of mine whom I met some years ago, Nicole Valencia, has given me and EE an opportunity to do a two hour presentation with a group of youth that she works with at the Broward Sheriff’s Office.  I believe that the kids are involved in a crime prevention program and Ms. Valencia is one of the people from  BSO and the Juvenile Justice Department working with them. The date has been firmed up as well as the time and location in Fort Lauderdale to work with these youth and Ms. Valencia … imagine … and a Broward Sheriff’s Office program!  Thanks again, Nicole Valencia!  “Good looking out!”  She had let me know a few months ago by e-mail and I simply had to take care of a few things and get moved and settled and stuff!

For all the folks who have negative things to say and choose to ignore the truth that there needs to be more accountability, intensive training for police officers and higher standards in hiring law enforcement officials, too … just be glad it wasn’t your son!!!  Needless to say, those who violate the laws, officers or not, need to be punished like any other citizen so that they themselves don’t deem themselves above the law … because we allow them to!

Enjoy your day … hold oneself accountable for one’s behavior.  Namaste

John I. Cook, Director

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