You Are What Your CREATOR Says You Are!



Happy Monday, All!

Yeah, we can complain … we can moan and gripe, but I can tell you, if someone … your Creator to be exact, told you that this was you LAST DAY on Earth … what would you say?!?  “Oh Creator, couldn’t you make it another day?!?  I don’t like Mondays much!!!”  I don’t think so, so … get up and go!
First of all, I want to thank each of you for your continued readership.  Now, I know that some of y’all might not agree with some of the things I write!  That’s okay, I think … I’m not preaching anarchy!  Yet, I understand that people don’t always see things the same way.  Most of the time, the way “each of us” sees things is based upon our OWN experiences … not someone else’s … and definitely not mine!  So, that’s cool.  The only thing I ask, and we can do this by writing back and forth, is don’t put “words in my mouth”, if you will.  I know what I am trying to say, and if you don’t agree, that’s okay.  But please don’t misrepresent my “words” or ideas to fit YOUR needs … I have my own needs … simply being understood … if possible!  Sometimes, I make mistakes, misrepresent … better said … forget some of the facts.  Feel free to point those kind of things out to me, since I don’t claim to be perfect!!  For example, in Friday’s e-mail/blog, I was heralding Loretta Lynch as the first female attorney general … A reader and former college chum, Lloyd Lawrence, Esq., sent me a correction, which I appreciate, about Janet Reno being the first female attorney general!!  I should’ve remembered that since the big event during her time as attorney general was the Elian Gonzalez “fiasco” when Elian’s father and politicians wanted him back in Cuba since he had been “given” to family members after his mother drowned trying to get him here safely.  Janet Reno spear-headed the timely return of Elian to Cuba from his relatives right here in Miami, FL.  Thanks Lloyd!
Tough title today, heh?!?  How many of us either were told that we weren’t going to amount to anything … Or knows someone who was told that … and perhaps they happened to overcome their “challenges” … or not!?  You know, we can wonder why someone would say that or maybe we don’t know all of the facts!  If it is a family squabble or something similar where the two people know each other very well, probably have had multiple “run-ins”, we can better understand someone saying that.  What I’m talking about here is like a teacher or guidance counselor at school, maybe even an angry parent or sibling or a boss at the job!  The point is basically, different situations motivate people differently!!  If you know a student responds better to a challenge in the form of “setting the bar” high and suggesting that the student will have to work hard to achieve those “heights”, then use it.  But don’t … DO NOT … tell someone that they are nothing or will never amount to anything out of ones OWN personal anger … even if at that person!   Now, I also know that a lot of people – haven’t counted them up, just seen and heard them – L.O.V.E. “drama” … arguing, cursing and yelling … just being un-classy and behaving rather poorly and out of control.  But that is a poor excuse to me.  “Oh! I  just thrive off of the energy the drama creates!” one person might say.  Those kind of folks can “have” each other … like crabs in a barrel keeping each other “down”, so to speak.
So, develop some positive self-talk for yourself.  Have a dialogue with your Creator in the form of prayer.  Listen to that quiet voice inside of you in the form of meditation.  Be able to tune out the naysayers, haters and generally negative people and their comments designed to hurt you and hamper your belief in yourself … and your progress.  You don’t need that!  And, I am certainly NOT interested in any of that nonsense either!  You are … what you say you are.  If  you have doubts, talk to YOUR Creator … quietly listen.

John I. Cook, Director

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