Is Our Society SICK?!?

sick society


Happy Friday, All!

Yes, yes, y’all!  This week wasn’t too bad … for me anyway!  T.G.I.F.!!
Yesterday was my buddy Peter Andrew Zachary’s birthday … I just had a feeling it was coming, so … I sent his sister, Andrea Lennon, who lives in Florida, as well as his mom and baby sister Lisa, a text asking her what date was “Petey’s” birthday.  She replied, “It’s today!”  Wishing you a happy birthday, “Petey”, and hope the heavens are treating you well!
So, have you folks seen enough “stuff” on the news these past two years?!?  Gun violence is probably at an all time high, and the multiple deaths of unarmed African American men by police officers has caught international attention.  Between the gun issues, the racial profiling and the poor training (as evidenced by numerous training records from police departments nationwide) of officers toting guns and walking through our nation’s streets, the videotaped violence gives me a feeling of hopelessness sometimes.  As one group supporting the movement called “Black Lives Matter” said: “We know that there are good officers out there.  We don’t have any complaints about them.  It is that the system of policing in this country is ailing and needs to be changed.  It is the whole system that these officers are a part of that is the problem.”  In my opinion, the police have too much power bestowed upon them that they do NOT know how to use.  What it comes down to is that each individual law enforcement officer has to make the right decision, especially when it comes to the use of a firearm … taser, too … and their knees, feet and fists!
Once again, with POTUS Obama, we have made history … like it or not … with the first woman as the national head of law enforcement in the USA who just happens to be a woman of color … African American to be exact!!  Kudos Loretta Lynch … and a shout out to Congress … in particular The Senate … for finally allowing her to hold office.  Sister Lynch was like a modern day “Rosa Parks” for many many months as she sat on the “back of the bus” of senatorial issues and bargaining table.  So back to the title of this e-mail … “Is our society sick?!?”  Be honest … yes or no.  If yes, you gotta do something … something … not just sit back and talk about it.  King and Gandhi told us … showed us … that we cannot sit idly by when we see and witness … and experience injustice.  They told us to protest and change it peacefully.  The Brown family in Ferguson is suing the City … peacefully.  We can’t just sit back and let things take place.  The Trayvon Martin Foundation seems to be doing well, spreading the word and helping those families who lost children to gun violence … period.
Earth Day just passed and I am almost afraid to ask some scientist about the state of our planet Earth …  Don’t just live each day accepting the absurd, the unjust and the dishonest.  For once you do that, you are betraying most of all yourself … not to mention your Creator!  See what you can do.

John I. Cook, Director

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