Showing Some Love … and Gratitude!

Francis Bacon

Happy Hump Day …

Yep, I am going for it again!!!  “That’s how we do it!!!”  No desperation and no giving up around here!
So, so many distractions can take us away from focusing on NOT giving up … have you noticed that at all … or not?  You know, when it comes down to it, the truth is each of us is only able to control ourselves … if we spend enough time with OURSELVES … each of us.  You know, I mean, why should one person even be “controlling” another person … unless that person “needs” someone to control them due to a mental challenge or imbalance?!?  Okay, so I’m going “out there” for a moment as we used to call what is now known as “outside the box”!!  Anybody remember that term … “Hey Man …. I am OUT there!” we used to say in our finest moments when we found ourSELVES in that “zone” that made us just smile … and smile … and smile.  I was a “hippy” …
Okay, so I am about to go “out there” again.  Those of you who know me well will know the difference between what I was just describing … that “smiling feeling” inside … almost … maybe it is … perhaps it was … gratitude.  I know that’s what it is today … gratitude.  So let me start first by thanking each of you for hanging around this long.  You know, some folks write me back … some hit me up from time to time … Others just get mad and stop contacting me … for whatever reason.  All I know is that I have enough to deal with keeping myself “on point” … whether you agree or not … so that I can be “the best that I can be!”  Many of you have helped me with that “challenge”, too … ’cause it ain’t easy!!  Sometimes I feel like I want to “lose it”, too!  Then make a bunch of excuses and absurd explanations for my behavior!!  But … I thank my Creator … and my parents whom he sent to get me started on this journey and give me the tools to “figure this stuff out”!  Has anyone reading figured “this” out yet?  This journey … Your journey ….  Sometimes, I chuckle to myself … thinking … just when I thought I have “figured” something out, here comes some “new stuff”!!  Kind of like that “thing” or “situation” you didn’t expect … and it doesn’t make you feel too good about things … yourself even.  Not for me.  Anytime I feel that way, I remove myself from whatever stimulus is causing me to feel that way about me … the one I’ve learned to love the MOST in this world …
I enjoy the feeling of peace … of love … harmony even!  Now, remember … I’ve been around some of “the best” … are you all ready for this …. okay … “From the Projects to Princeton”!  And I ain’t hanging my head down, my people!!  So, don’t forget either, I am trying to tell you all that the gratitude I have for each of you touching my life in your own unique way makes me feel some “kind of special”!!


John I. Cook, Director

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