Going With The Flow . . . Again!

flow on

And Monday is here again … a new week, a new opportunity to enhance ones outlook on life.  I don’t know about some of you, but I am off to work!  Just glad that I can still get a job … work … and think the things I like!  Those of you who  know me also know that even though I just turned 60, I am not ready to live in a retirement community … I thought about it … but when faced with the high and increasing cost of staying in a 1 bedroom apartment as a single man, I decided to “downsize” to a studio apartment.  I just don’t like struggling every month trying to juggle things … “things” … all legal … to come up with the cash I needed to live every month.

I wanted to say to many of you who donated to Educational Excellence that you actually helped me keep the internet with Comcast totaling like $125 each month with basic cable on many a month!!  Things have been tight since I got the Jeep Compass, which I needed after my motorcycle accident, and incurred a monthly car payment and insurance.  So the juggling began.  Of course, I would never sell my car so I can live in an expensive situation … I decided to downsize my living situation, cut costs, and still seek to build Educational Excellence, keep working writing these e-mails and blog posts and hopefully, get in a situation where I can contact some of the “Big Boys” in South Florida like Alonzo Mourning and his Foundation in Liberty City … Or, DJ Irie (Miami HEAT) who also has a foundation to help troubled kids and keep them in touch with good role models and activities to foster good life skills and values.  Maybe I can get in touch with The Trayvon Martin Foundation.  I have one contact with BSO (Broward Sheriff’s Office) who sent me a correspondence regarding speaking and working with a program that they have established.  We’ll see.  Going with the flow … is what I know!!
Since I have become more aware of my journey and myself …. which I share with each of you in hopes that I may inspire you … with humanity … with peace … with power and high self-esteem and love.  We all go through the same things on different levels, it’s just how “you” choose to “play the game”.  You see … for me … this is my life … and sometimes I don’t want to “play the game” so I can have more “whatever” to impress people and seem “larger than life”.  So why play someone else’s game and let “them” take charge of my emotions … my peace,  my love … perhaps causing me to hurt someone else … even myself … trying to “keep up with the Jones’s” and stressing myself out to no end … deceiving my own family and loved ones … and take the chance of losing MY freedom … again ?!?  Awww, hell no!!  Yeah, I am approaching retirement age but still enjoy living life to the fullest … going to the gym, lifting weights coupled with yoga practice, swimming with relaxation, and health relief in the jacuzzi … at the local gym.  I try to keep it simple though some folks don’t get that.  They need “drama”, conflict and control over folks, which for them is “power” … Not for me … I choose to have control over mySELF when I meet people like the aforementioned!!  I have been fortunate, because when the change came up, even my landlord worked with me … gave me some time, a lot of help … and I moved on it.  I was going with “the flow”, as I have learned to do.
So, this is just how I am choosing to handle things … just for today …  How about you?  Enjoy your week.
John I. Cook, Director

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