Who Do You Trust??



Happy Friday, All!

Here’s to hoping you all have had a good week.  You may remember my previous message on Wednesday in which I emphasized believing in yourself.  You know that we are all human … even cops and fireman and teachers … as well as politicians, lawyers and businesspersons … even those who work for the government, including administrators in “City Halls”  across the nation.  Oh, did I forget to mention “churches” and their officials, representatives … even pastors, ministers … who knows, maybe even bishops and nuns!!  It is just that “we” each bring ourselves to whatever position we occupy in “society”, and often abuse the power “we’ve” inherited … power and privilege that comes with the job … and we violate that and abuse that, too.  Some of us go as far as to say, “I’m sorry ….” while others try to deny that they have “done anything wrong”.  I remember … yes again … Pastor Bob Coy of Calvary Chapel.  There were times when I thought it was all too good to be true.  I don’t hold it against him … I hope he’s getting along alright.
Have you ever noticed how people scramble when they do something wrong?!?  You have noticed also I am sure that the more power that they had, the more people of power who were in their “networks” … the more “wiggle room” they had!!!  Look at George Zimmerman … he fooled a lot of people, maybe just those who had and have similar mindsets as he.  After the trial … and he was set free by a misled jury … after killing an unarmed person whom he stalked, picked a fight with and waited for the opportunity to surprise with his gun … he has been stopped and charged with and accused of doing similarly “dumb stuff” … against women especially.  He didn’t fool me … he didn’t fool a lot of people … He only fooled the “fools” … that’s what they were already.  Just saying …
We have already seen how in many cases with brutal and violent law enforcement techniques, the officers were not held accountable for their behavior … like in Ferguson and Brooklyn.  This particular tactic of getting a person on the ground, and placing ones’ knee on the person’s head … usually the side … is absolute brutality.  We watch it on television and videotapes and tell ourselves what the perpetrators want us to say, “He deserves this type of treatment … he’s a criminal!”  No, not true!  The persons engaging in these types of inhumane and barbaric tactics on the people they are supposed to “protect and serve” should allow them due process of a trial, if necessary, not kill them.  Now, this situation going down in Oklahoma with an “auxiliary police officer” or volunteer given permission to carry (and USE!) a firearm and taser has “pulled the covers off” of how things really go down in “City Halls”.  The officer, Mr. Bates, is a retired and wealthy businessman.  He had never trained to carry a gun, as it was discovered by two of the “Tulsa World” publication’s journalists,  nor had he had the proper training to get involved in “official police work”, as he was permitted when he shot and killed Mr. Harris.
The two journalists, Ziva Ranstetter and Dylan Goforth, uncovered the TRUTH!!  The handgun certifications for Mr. Bates DON’T EXIST!!!  He has never … NEVER been properly trained to use that Glock he carried when he shot and killed an unarmed man.  The “officers” tackled him “gang land style”, held him down … one put his knee on this man’s head to make him lose consciousness … while one of them … Mr. Bates … is permitted to shoot him.  Again, there was NO first aid given after the man tells them, “He shot me!  He shot me!”  Mr. Bates says, “I shot him.  I am sorry!”  and they all kept this man on the ground … until he died …  Ranstetter and Goforth also discovered that several employees in City Hall were asked to falsify documentation for Mr. Bates.  They refused … they were disciplined … and they were transferred …. because they would NOT falsify paperwork for Mr. Bates!!!!  Alright, how many times have you heard people lie to themselves and say, like the mayor of Fort Lauderdale, “This is isolated!  This is not typical behavior of most law enforcement officers!”  How many of  these instances does it take to convince folks that these officers are “regular” people like us that we’ve pumped up to “God status” and can’t find any fault in what they do because it was “us” er … uh …. “them” who pumped them up in the first place!!!  How can we possibly be wrong about the people we’ve given “near God status” to???  Now that’s a hard pill to swallow … that “wrong” thing … hard pill to swallow!!
Who do you trust?  Do you trust people and agencies that lie and cover things up???  Why do you trust those people without questioning their semi-barbaric behavior????  Check yourself.  Look at what’s really taking place … right before YOUR EYES!!!  Tell yourself the TRUTH.  Don’t bury your head in the sand!!!  Things need to change … NOW!!!  Wrong is wrong … don’t try to “right” it … Sorry doesn’t bring a life back … a mother’s son … a child’s father … is gone forever.  When you are faced with the opportunity, I know it might be hard for some of “us”, but take the right stand … Murder is murder!!!  Everybody’s life matters!!
John I. Cook, Director

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