“You Gotta Believe!”


Happy Hump Day, Folks!

“It’s that time again!”  This is one of my favorite calls to spiritual battle when things look like “they” are taking a turn for the worse.  We often hear “religious people” talk about faith in “their savior” … be it Allah, Jesus, Buddha … you all can name the rest.  I am not trying to bring negative attention here, I am actually suggesting that there must be some “connectivity” between them all because the cores of most “religions”, so to speak, are aimed at preserving humankind … not destroying it.  Perhaps, some of those awkward manuscripts attempt to touch on ways of improving human behavior and communication amongst us!  Am I being optimistic again?!!!
Yes, a truckload of challenges have come my way … and I am sure there are more to come!  So, what do I do?!  How do I handle it .. er .. uh … them!!???  With grace and respect as well as the anticipation that I will learn yet something more about this journey called “life” and how it changes and unfolds in a moments notice!!  Yes, I think it was this past Sunday when I heard one of the televangelist if not two of them “chime” in on the same message:  “Our Creator allows us to be in certain circumstances and allows us to have some challenging situations to help hone us in our inner strength … to believe in ourselves!”  These challenges are placed there so that we may learn something, even if it seems like “the valley of the shadows” ….  I can still hear Dr. King singing in the background!
Spiritual exercise and conditioning is a lot like discipline in say … the martial arts.  For me, it is learning to respect those things that we may NOT have invited into our lives and consider them opportunities for growth rather than foes that we need to destroy.  There is a fundamental difference in that mindset as the one often “required” to succeed in the social organization we have in place in the Western world today.  In the “spiritual” mindset, one takes every event, be it “good” or “bad”, as an opportunity for growth and deeper understanding.  One may even have to sit quiet a few hours … and meditate … really meditate with acceptance in ones heart.  One has to believe in the process … like we believe in all of the “human made” processes like … waiting on line at the DMV …. or the Dollar Tree on a holiday!!!  Look around, watch folks … we have no patience!!  I’ve caught myself multiple times, in particular when I am doing computer related stuff, becoming anxious that the “screen” didn’t change fast enough!!!  Those who have not developed any patience or self control … discipline even … are the ones who take guns or words and concepts and try to hurt, if not destroy, “others” whom they personally did NOT create.  These are the ones who “make the news” every day …
So, as you meander through this Wednesday, choose your battles wisely … some are NOT yours!  Yet, never forget that “You gotta believe!”


John I. Cook, Director


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