Speak For Yourself!!!

speak for yourself

It’s Monday again!  Try to look at it as “the beginning” of things, a new day, hopefully after a restful weekend.  Every weekend, I try to do something relaxing, if only for an hour or two.  I also try to do some form of exercise; by now you know my favorite is yoga.  I have always taken a liking to swimming but with all the shark attacks in the Atlantic Ocean here in SoFlo, I will keep my swimming in the pool at L A Fitness for now!!  Just sayin’!
Have you ever had that special someone … or just anyone … who wants to speak for you?!?  Now, these kind of people are hard to figure out sometimes because, while it seems that most of them are on a power trip, there are some folks who actually may have “your” best interest in mind.  You know the situation surrounding the schizophrenic young black man from Miami Gardens, FL whose mother called to ask the police to help her get her son back into the house … She tried telling them, and they have it on recording, “It’s cold out and he won’t come back inside the house!”  He had on boxer shorts, a t-shirt and was purportedly carrying a broom with a metal tip on it.  She asked them (police) repeatedly, almost as if she knew what was going to happen: “Don’t hurt my son.  Please don’t hurt him!”  They didn’t … a cop killed him instead …  There was no struggle.  In fact, you can hear the officer saying (clearly not trained in handling anyone with a mental challenge), “Get on the f-ing ground … or you’re DEAD!”  I don’t think that is part of anyone’s training.  But this is where I have identified the “over-desire” to have “power” and control over someone … or … “they” (police officer) feel they have the right to end another’s life because the other person didn’t “obey” them!!
As I watched one of the televangelist on television yesterday, there was a police woman who was a member of one of the churches.  She and her husband both were members and both are police officers.  She made a plea to the congregation to continue “respecting” and “honoring” police officers.  She said, “We don’t wake up in the morning wanting to take someone’s life.”  Then, why, praytell, does another officer tell a schizophrenic “citizen” that if he doesn’t get on the ground, he will kill him?!?!  Right at that moment, I muttered: “Speak for yourself!”  Now, I know that it is tough to make a “correct” decision in a split second.  However, each time I see one of these videos, it seems that the officer has turned the “gun” into an extension of his personality!!!  This is what he/she apparently feels.  I watch people often, I note their behavior and listen to the words that flow from their tongues.  Very seldom do we hear someone trying to encourage a person to “calm down” in REAL LIFE.  It is only on the cop shows!!!  So, if you are in law enforcement, as my own father was, try to stay calm FIRST; don’t make the gun or any rules you can make up on the spur of the moment cloud your understanding of “human beings”.  In other words, don’t lose sight of your humanity … just because you have a gun.  Those (guns) are to be used ONLY if your life is in danger … and all other options have been exhausted.
Yesterday was my only child’s birthday.  We had been on the “not speaking” terms for several months.  So, I decided to send her an e-mail wishing her a happy birthday anyway.  She wrote me back!!!  I was happily surprised.  It seems that she has some other “events” brewing in her life up North, as she has apparently met a nice man …  We’ll have to see!  I went to asana yoga in the morning, sat in the jacuzzi at the gym after class and even swam a few laps!  It is always refreshing, especially with this incredible climate, to flow through the water … for me!  I have always enjoyed swimming … ever since I almost drowned at the pool in the YMCA there on Mamaroneck Ave. in White Plains when I jumped in the deep end!!  I told them I could swim … so I jumped in!!!  It was a long way down in THAT pool.  That was the beginning of my love for water!!  Imagine . . .
 I was fortunate enough to attend the Brahma Kumaris World Peace Meditation in ArtsPark in Hollywood, FL … just a hop, skip and a jump from me.  We had a treat … there was a gent and his wife who presented a true “singing bowl” concert as we all sat, listening to “Kevin” guiding us in meditation!  The group was rather large and we sat in a semi-circle with Sisters Roz and Sheila seated with Kevin in the lotus position on the fresh Earth.  Halima had started our event, as always, with some guided “Qi gong” movements as we sought to cleanse our bodies in anticipation of Earth Day coming up this month.  I always enjoy her utilization of the concepts in Chinese medicine, the chakras and the colors associated with each.  I can truly say that it was an event to have attended … for me!
In the meantime, when it is your time to speak up … for yourself, don’t let anybody take your place.  For no one knows what’s really going on inside of each of us … perhaps our Creator!  If you have a challenge doing so, be sure that your wishes are well known and that the person you are “communicating” with is one who is humanly balanced and peaceful in their approach to life ….

John I. Cook, Director

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