Maybe . . . We Should Be Grateful … Not fearful

faith not fear

Happy Friday, Folks!

I’m gonna do it again, y’all . . . T.G.I.F.!!  This week seemed to have gone by rather quickly for me.  How about you?  So many events going on around us including the Tsarnaev kid being found guilty of like ALL thirty counts that he was charged with by the Federal Government in the Boston Marathon bombing.  Now, the question is … should he be executed or … spend life in prison?!?  Each one answer for ones self.  But the trial has entered the sentencing stage, so … we’ll see.
How about that father and his seven (7) kids who died from the carbon monoxide poisoning caused by the generator he had placed in his home in Maryland?!  The utility company had turned off the power so he and his children were getting cold during the long last few nights of winter in Maryland.  He decided to buy a generator … placed it inside the home, and they all died from carbon monoxide poisoning … Peace be still …  How sad …  The utility company could’ve responded differently, perhaps!  Even the father’s estranged wife, whom he divorced recently, was saddened … very much so … When her text wasn’t answered by her elementary aged daughter who went to spend the weekend with her dad …. wasn’t answered she knew something was wrong … indeed … something went very wrong.  These lives can’t be replaced.
Well, April is a pretty special month for me as it contains Peter Zachary’s birthday ( RIP ) and my daughter’s, too, which is this Sunday, April 12th.  She still isn’t speaking to me … and moved back up North …  Still, I am grateful for each day … for each of you … for each experience I encounter in life … and the peace I find within myself, though it is not always easy.  You know like I know … FOLKS love drama!!
So, be cool … don’t be no fool!  Have a great weekend … while we can!
John I. Cook, Director

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