Is It All In How We “Choose” To Look At Things?!?

It's How You look at it

Yes, yes … it’s Hump Day again, and I’d like to thank you all for reading.

Of course, each of you has the option of letting me know if you want to continue receiving the correspondences as part of my efforts.  As I have mentioned before, feel free to let me know what you think.  I have a friend whom I met years ago in Miami.  Her name is “Rebecca” and she’s in England now.  She receives these e-mails and wrote to me, though she does write occasionally when inspired, to tell me to keep her on the e-mailings!  I met her through the Brahma Kumaris.
Another friend, former college “chum” though we haven’t stayed in touch over those “formative” years of marriage, childbirth, adolescence and our child(ren)’s young adulthood, Lloyd Lawrence, Esq. sent me some tips on computer security and anti-virus information!  That was very thoughtful as I experienced a crash a couple of weeks ago.  I am keeping his information for the next round … should there be one … when it comes.  One of my favorite “friends” whom I also met only once is in South Africa, an African American woman (Jamaican, I believe), teaching mathematics if I am not mistaken!  We met once when I worked as assistant manager at a service station in Pembroke Pines.  She has been a recipient of my e-mails since then … I hope you don’t mind, Desiree!
Of course, much like anything else that involves us humans, there are those who may look at things differently, which is also very normal.  I mean, when one takes a chance to “think outside the box”, one welcomes scrutiny and perhaps even some hostility … for what one believes.  Trust me, I think and attempt to act on what I believe as well as who I believe I am.  I hold myself accountable for what I think and write/say.  I remember there were times both playing and coaching basketball when some serious situations arose for me in which I had to “choose” how I looked at them.  Once while playing, I was a senior at prep school, I was on the foul line in an end of season/play off type of game.  We were down by two, little or no time on the clock and I got fouled … I believe.  It was a “one-in-one” – I made the first one . . . I missed the second one . . .  Coach Blake and my team mates were supportive and they knew I wanted to win the game, too!  I temporarily went into the locker room and let my emotions flow.   Life goes on.
Those of you who know a bit about me and my love of sports may recall how much I enjoy basketball … period!  Though it was a controversial call during the DUKE vs. Wisconsin NCAA Championship Final, it was nice to see “the kids playing hard basketball”!  I remember my coaching days at White Plains when one game, the varsity was expected to lose.  I was the head jv coach and assistant varsity coach.  I traveled with the “big boys” while the head coach scouted another team.  The team was Scarsdale who used a similar offense.  The boys on BOTH teams played hard … our kids played harder and we won the game!  It was unexpected … you win some … you lose some … It’s all how we choose to look at it!


John I. Cook, Director

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