Making the Most of Life!


It certainly is Hump Day again, y’all!  Check it out … We got passed Monday … moved through Tuesday … and it’s already mid-week!  How’s it going so far?!  Well, I’m hoping … for each of you.

We have all probably heard the story that no one is “content” with what they “have” in life … and “we” are always seeking more!  More of what?!?  More of whatever money can buy, since we live in a capitalistic economy and that is the medium of exchange for major goods and services.  Now, I am not knocking it, just proposing that folks don’t loose sight of “themselves” in all of this, you dig?!?  We hear folks talking about the possibility of a “paradigm shift” and we hear others saying that those folks are crazy!!  Yet, those same folks don’t bother to question most things about and in our current social system.  There are so many different “realities” to deal with, so to speak.  We’ve got the political realm, the social realm, the religious/spiritual/atheist realm … all of which much of each are dictated by our individual economic realities.  The true art of living, perhaps, involves balancing all of these … and more!
As long as you are making the most of it, the journey will be worth while!  Many of us find opportunities to make professional career changes later on in life.  That is what I have been doing for the past ten years or so.  You know, I enjoy “working” … using my mind to make something work or function well.  So, thinking of retirement hasn’t crossed my mind yet.  I will probably work somewhere doing something … good … until I drop!!  A couple of college “chums” have changed up a bit, while still doing their “people service” oriented work, too.  Recently, Bruce Puckett, former room mate of mine from college, was assigned to an assistant/associate professorship at Rutgers.  Adonis Hoffman, Esq., now living in the DC area is resigning from his work at the FCC and several other posts he’s held there including his professorship at Georgetown.  He sent me a “brief” of his exit interview in which he explains his decision to move on as well as what he experienced, as well as to what he is looking forward in the near future!
A young boy, “Merv” they called him, who was 10 years old and living in the gun-riddled Miami area, was shot in the head … seemingly for sport … as he and his friends played in front of their homes with a basketball.  Last night, their team, part of the Miami Police Athletic League’s Youth Basketball, they lost their game … as they felt the loss of “Merv”.  Keep “Merv” alive with your good deeds and positive energy.  Together, we may be able to “Stop The Violence” in our city streets.
Happy First Day of April!


John I. Cook, Director

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