Purpose and Profession

life on purpose

It’s Monday, y’all!

Yep, and I’m at it again!! While tough times bring out the quality in our character … or … the lack thereof … it is often still challenging getting through those “tough times”. Yesterday morning, I “slept in” watching television as the televangelist seem to all focus on the same topic – a purposeful life. Two of my favorite televangelists mentioned how they view the tough times in our lives as purposefully put there to make us stronger, rid us of the unnecessary “links” in our lives … be they people, places or things, and finally redirect us to our true purpose. That is, of course, unless we are fighting against our true purpose in life.

Living life with a purpose takes focus … focusing on ones self … not being selfish … but looking for your own “purpose-filled passion”. This certainly varies from person to person. Some folks like being peaceful and humble while simultaneously living a passionate life challenging those “things” that need to be changed and offering techniques and approaches to achieving that change. Last week, I mentioned the situation at the Fort Lauderdale Police Department in which four officers are no longer working there due to their overt racists displays of their own attitudes. The Broward County Public Defender, Howard Finkelstein, believes, as do other community activists and leaders, that those displays are the “tip of the iceberg” there in the FLPD. As a person who has often been profiled here in Fort Lauderdale, I would agree. I have met Mr. Finkelstein and he knows this County well. He is not afraid to say what he actually sees, like our Mayor here who said he believes that this is “just a few” cops gone bad!!! So, what does he think the “people of color” are complaining about in regards to the police?!? Does he think about the skewed arrest records, showing many more people of color being incarcerated than the “others”?!? You see, it is important to blend your “purpose” in life with your passion … but not a passion that hurts certain people!

There are ways to “live” … and then there are purpose-filled lives … What’s yours?


John I. Cook, Director
Educational Excellence

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