Yes, It Does Matter What You Think!!

Einstein Happy

It’s Hump Day, mid-week even, y’all!

Times change, don’t they. We mature … hopefully. I always enjoy “thinking outside the box” so to speak, in a good way! It’s hard sometimes. People love to “push each other’s buttons” and see what happens. I personally DON’T want to see what will or could happen in such circumstances. People are so unpredictable and mostly on the irrational side that I don’t want to take a chance to see what they might do if they get irritated!! I know how I am when I allow myself to get irritated … trying to forget … but I remember!!

I remember when I worked at this career college in Fort Lauderdale called City College, I taught a course called Personal Development. I’m going to tell you something … there were moments when I felt like I was having “an out of body” experience listening to myself talk to these students! In other words, I was learning a lot about what I was teaching, too!! I enjoyed it so much. So did the students. I still have a plaque on the wall in my flat from the students of one class who decided amongst themselves to present me with this award. It reads from the top: “In Appreciation to Professor John I. Cook” … “For Your Outstanding Dedication and Leadership” … indeed, very thoughtful.

Did you ever think that what you think … matters? You could look at that in two ways: 1) does it matter to “reality”, and 2) does it matter to YOU? I know, the first thought may make you go “hmmmm” … but you get it. Has anyone ever said to you: “Who cares what you think! This is what’s going to happen!” And you are forced to deal with a situation … that you could not change … and it probably wasn’t too pleasant. Now, how did YOU think about the situation? Did you trip out and make a “mountain out of a molehill”? Did you go temporarily insane and hurt yourself or someone else … maybe an innocent victim … maybe a creep! Or … Did you handle the situation with calm and self control, perhaps swallowing some pride for a moment … to avoid something evil and ugly!! How one chooses to think about a situation … does indeed matter. I believe it matters, too, in an energy form as well. If one thinks positive, wishing good for others and oneself, such things may in fact come to be. Over a long period of time, we might call this “faith”. In short term occurrences, it might be even be described as “spiritual power” or energy.

Think good things of yourself … and others, especially those who need some positive “energy”, wishes and hope in their lives. Whether those wishes come true or not is not so important, as it may help all involved to get through the situation, perhaps even understand it … appreciate it as a lesson. So, think about it … or go ahead and call me crazy!! If you get an urge to go outside the box, “Just Do It”! But don’t hurt nobody now … especially yourself!


John I. Cook, Director

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