A Sigh From the Inside


It’s Hump Day … day after St. Patrick’s Day, y’all!

Did any of youse “kiss that Blarney Stone”?! How about see a “four leaf clover”?! I always enjoyed St. Patrick’s Day because it was and is still full of folklore and so colorful. Much of the folklore may be true while other parts of it may be for entertainment. It’s all part of appreciating the Irish culture!

Every now and then, I have one of those moments that make me want to go, “Ahhhhhh …..”. Now, the timing is pretty much unpredictable as I haven’t calculated anything in particular. Maybe I planned a simple outing like a ride to the beach … and looked up and saw a bunch of birds flying in formation … no cell phones or computers … just doing it! Yet, a few years ago, and it was canceled again this year, The Famous Ft. Lauderdale Air and Sea Show took place in the same route that the birds fly! “Ahhhhh ….”. Perhaps it was after a yoga class and I had taken a sip of some tasty coconut water … quenching my thirst ever so perfectly!

Sometimes, I am like this with my own life. Rather than stress out and worry … or treat innocent people mean … I try to breathe deeply. It helps me stay in control of my emotions. Now, I’ll tell you from experience, they’ve gotten out of hand from time to time … my emotions, that is! Nowadays, I keep myself far far away from the loss of self control. It’s not easy, but over time, the consequences are far more pleasing for me!! I don’t like drama, yelling and screaming, lying and “one upping” each other or trying to discourage someone from their dreams and aspirations in life. Not my style. Sometimes, when I observe folks … the way “they” act and speak … I sigh, too! But it’s the kind of sigh accompanied by, “Why don’t they get it?!?”

Some days I like being “human” more than others. Understand me that by being “human” I mean just enjoying life … no fuss no strife! Those are the moments when I can feel free like an eagle or a whale … just flying and swimming along this journey! These are thoughts I have when I meditate or practice yoga at the gym, even swimming in the pool or the ocean … while I can! Has it ever crossed your mind what the Earth would sound like …. if it sighed?!?

Enjoy your day, appreciate each moment … and if possible … each creature that you can appreciate along your journey!


John I. Cook, Director

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