Are YOU Serious?!?

kanye serious

Happy Friday, Y’all! Give me a “T”! Give me a “G” … now an “I” … and the “F”! Yeah, Baby! It’s Friday again! And if I am not mistaken, we’ve got St. Patrick’s Day on the horizon! Now, there is a lot that can happen between now and then!!

Somebody tell me … is Rush Limbaugh crazy?!? How about Rodney Figueroa of Miami’s “Univision” television programming’s talk show host with his stupid and racist remark that Michele Obama looks like she is from the cast of the movie, “Planet of the Apes”!!?? Old man Limbaugh is still a raving lunatic with this “guy” … cute boy gone “racist”!!! Post racial America my “culo”!!

I am glad to see that the President of the University of Oklahoma took swift and serious action! Now that these “kids” are “facing the music”, they all want to apologize. When a racist takes a look at his behavior through someone else’s eyes, they might … just might … begin to see clearer!!! Maybe they may even learn to “think” of the consequences they may face if apprehended. Have you ever noticed how those “folks” who think they are so darn clever and untouchable seem to cower a bit when confronted with “truth” rather than their usual rhetoric? That’s why those of us who can see and tell the truth have to continue to do so even if it is “unpopular” or “not cool”. I mean, we owe it to ourselves … no one else. Lead by example is a good coined phrase to put into place here.

So, last point today … How many of you believe that crap Limbaugh said about if Kanye … again “IF” Kanye … was dumb enough to sing about “nigg*s hangin’ from a tree, but not next to me … in SAE!” … that it would become a hit?!? You might have to put on a tight fitting “Rush Limbaugh” hat and matching jump suit to think like that … or just be an idiot like Limbaugh. I remember studying the concept of “blaming the victim” in sociology in college … This is a text book case study, Rush ….

Spring Break has definitely “sprung” here in the FTL and St. Patrick’s Day festivities will probably shut down “downtown” traffic. Wherever you are, embrace diversity and enjoy your celebrations in peace with one another!


John I. Cook, Director

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