Let’s Talk About Peace

Sri Chinmoy

Happy Hump Day, y’all!

Have any of you ever wondered why I “talk” about peace and love so much?! Come on, you’ve got to know where I am coming from by now!! Do you “know thyself”?! I certainly do!! I know … pretty much … what I can handle and deal with as well as what I cannot handle or deal with … without retreating or withdrawing. Keep in mind … all “withdrawals” or “retreats” are NOT signs of weakness. In fact, in many cases, it is a sign of intelligence!!

What would you do if you were in a place and everyone around you started saying, singing or screaming something that you did NOT believe in?!? Screaming something about hurting other people?!! Would you just sit there like a “bump on a log”? Would you get up and go out or move away? Or … would you join in?! Do you know “yourself”? It is challenging enough to control yourself when alone but imagine how challenging that can become if you want to “fit in”?

Okay, I’ve asked enough questions … But here’s one final one: Give Peace A Chance!?

I’m done here … I’m done!


John I. Cook, Director

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