Put Your Own Spin On It!!


It’s Friday, y’all!

You DO know what that means, right?! It’s the weekend, Baby!! Silly, aren’t I … sometimes! Ha! There is always something interesting to do in ones “free time”, if you will, and it doesn’t have to cost an “arm and a leg”! Well, here in SoFlo, we are looking at some pretty fine weather coming our way as the region prepares for Spring Break, Calle Ocho and many many other local events including the “Carnival on the Mile” on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables this Saturday and Sunday, which is also free. I have always had an affinity with “being different”, often not by choice. So, I learned to put my own spin on most things that I do. Now, I do things by “the book” … well … most things … so, I am not talking about some crazy “witch craft” nor zombie type spins you all. Y’all know me better than that. I guess that’s what initially attracted me to playing music and improvising once I learned the scales on my trombone!

I guess you could say that I’ve always liked writing, not that I am the best at it, but I can get a point across … methinks! So, while on social media last night, I noticed a friend of Educational Excellence had posted a link from “Spirit, Science & Metaphysics” entitled “3 Subjects School Should Teach to Improve the World”. Not only did the title catch my attention, but contemplating the vision for Educational Excellence, which is to heighten spiritual awareness of self and others, I thought this might be something that I could grow on and share with you, thanks to Maureen Shimmon Leon!! I was certainly correct about that hunch. So, the article mentions first the subject of “meditation”. It is something that we learn to do over time, but the suggestion is that if kids start to learn to meditate from the age of 8, the world will be violent free in one generation! This thought was put forth by the Dali Lama.

Secondly, the article mentions that “proper nutrition” is another integral piece of the puzzle on how to improve the world! We all know that food can be just as addictive as anything else, and, that our society puts some serious “R & D” as well as investments in to cornering the markets for anything from fast food to fine dining. The stuff we eat may not always be good for our nutrition nor aid in establishing a longer healthier life. Do you think there is enough soil on the planet Earth to grow enough fruit and vegetables to feed everyone on the planet? Do you think that people have to be “homeless” or unemployed? Aren’t we intelligent enough a species to “figure this out”, too?! Or are we caught up in the “maximizing profit” motive at the cost of destroying the EARTH?!

The third subject mentioned in the article is learning “the law of attraction”. While there may be NO text book dictionary definition that will make everybody “happy”, I think we can agree that the basis of the law of attraction is that one will be drawn to what one enjoys and develop a “successful career” doing what is ones passion or “calling”, as long as it makes the world better!! Do you think “the children” can figure this out?! Do you think we … or the next generation … can provide them with the tools necessary to make something positive out of our world’s direction today?!? I mean, “Ringling Brothers” are doing away with having elephants in their circuses by 2018!! Progress in the right direction?!? There is a huge luxurious vegan “market place” being set up at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami this weekend, a venue normally reserved for plays and musical productions. The “show” will be the “vegan market”!! How’s that for change?!

So, if you get a chance to put your own spin on something, or, encourage someone to put theirs on something that we might appreciate, do so, my friends! There are often difficult times … enjoy the good times, y’all! Weather permitting, I will attend the World Peace Meditation this Sunday at ArtsPark in Hollywood’s Young Circle where there will be a special guest speaker. The article referred to in this piece was written by former teacher, Andrea Schulman, and you can visit her link at: http://www.raiseyourvibrationtoday.com.


John I. Cook, Director
Educational Excellence

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