As If You Didn’t Know!!!

full moon yoga

It’s Hump Day all over again … as if you didn’t know!!

Some things in “life” are so obvious or so clear … transparent even … that we each may wonder how someone could arrive at a completely different conclusion after viewing exactly the same “event” … say … together?! That could be difficult. It would require a tremendous amount of self control, respect … for oneself and for “the other” … and patience. It is a process as we live and grow … and as my Mother once wrote … “transform”!

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke before Congress yesterday. The turn out was an interesting combination of Republican representatives led by Speaker Boehner, as well as Democratic Party House of Representatives Minority leader Nancy Pelosi. This was Boehner’s “fifteen minutes of fame” as he observed Netanyahu speaking from the POTUS’s podium, since Boehner will never be a national leader of similar ranking. People around the nation differ on their views of as well as the content of the speech, which ironically comes just weeks ahead of an election in Israel! Do you think Boehner paid any attention to the proximity of the dates?!? Or, was he part of Netanyahu’s ploy to use the Congress of the USA to launch his campaign?!? Either way, I think the POTUS’s response was much like anyone’s might be … simply put … let’s wait and see what Iran brings to the table. Besides, as the POTUS noted, Netanyahu didn’t bring anything to the table except criticism.

Do you know folks like Boehner, who seldom have anything positive to say, let a lone a solution?! These kind of folks are very predictable. My only concern with folks like that is that they do NOT have the “Lord of the Flies” affect on those who listen to them and believe them … without doing ANY research!! Muppets, at most. Now there are people on “both sides” of the aisle in Congress that talk like this, but the job of moderating and managing this nation’s government is left up to the POTUS. In case you haven’t noticed, Obama remains as cool as a cucumber while mapping out the course of action that he feels will be best for the USA … and the world.

It is a full moon out and energy levels are undoubtedly high! What will you do with yours?! Some meditation?! Some cooking or cleaning …. or love making?! Whatever you do, enjoy yourselves. I am looking forward to a Happy Hump Day followed by a “full moon” yoga class at the gym!


John I. Cook, Director

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