“There But For The Grace of God Go I!”

spiritual wisdom

Happy Friday, y’all!

“Uh huh! Uh huh!” T.G.I.F.!!

I guess you all can tell that I am feeling a bit frisky! Just embracing the journey! How about you today?! “Carpe diem, Baby!”

As this week comes to a close for Black History Month, yes … I mention it again, it was only fitting that Trayvon’s Mom and Dad, Sabryna and Tracy, were invited to the White House as representatives NOT only of this kid’s parents, but the Trayvon Martin Foundation as well. It is only fair to say that were he or Jordan Davis or Michael Brown, not to mention 12 year old Tamir Rice of Cleveland who was recently murdered by an “incompetent” officer, your child, one may understand the situation better. These are the moments that cause me to appreciate our POTUS as he reaches out to those who have journeyed through “unchartered” waters for many of us, and, despite the disappointment of the Federal Government’s decision NOT to charge Zimmerman, welcomed them to the White House with open arms. They are all parents … and parents of African American children!

Have you ever wondered what makes a rich kid turn into “Jihadi John” or Osama bin Laden, as opposed to say … Mahatma Gandhi? There is an old saying, “There but for the grace of God go I!” that many parents, including my own, used to tell me to teach me humility and grace, appreciation and patience … good as opposed to evil. This is also one of the simple truths from “The Bible” that I embrace. Simply stated … it could be you or ME!!! This is one of the goals of Educational Excellence – to share these simple universal truths, which, we may have heard of but may need to be reminded. I sat in severe contemplation of this character, Mohammed Emwazi, and how though from a wealthy family and also educated in London like Gandhi, he has come to feel his “mission” in life is to behead and execute OTHER people’s family members?! Isn’t this like “playing god” or something worse?!? There are those who argue that it is NOT the same man, but experts have deduced that this is who they think it is. How eerie to hear someone say, “Obama, I’m back!” How about the two or three “characters” arrested recently for plotting to kill police, attack and or destroy places like Coney Island in New York where innocent people gather … and even kill the POTUS?!!! (Some folks might even like that idea!) Of course, there but for the grace of your God …. go YOU … if you have ever contemplated such evil deeds.

I am not preaching and I don’t have a church, but I do have a “good heart”! That’s all it takes to develop spiritually. Some college kids from FSU have been identified and arrested after raping an innocent young woman who thought she was actually helping them!! It challenges my thought process to follow the reasoning of such persons, which I try so that I may even help others avoid such human tragedies …. let alone commit them! May we keep our faith in humanity and ourselves along this journey, y’all!


John I. Cook, Director

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