The “Scapegoat Syndrome”

francois scapegoat

Happy Hump Day . . .

Sometimes, I almost don’t want to say “happy anything”, especially since humankind is so off-base! Yet, I know that if one doesn’t think “happy” thoughts, we will embrace any evil thoughts that come our way!! Believe it … or not!

Okay, so has mankind … er uh … humanity gone to the “demons”?!? So many scandals have gone on from performance enhancement drugs being administered to professional athletes and even younger high school athletes, right down to the near state of death of Whitney Houston’s daughter, who, in the absence of “parental guidance”, got hooked on … addicted to … crack cocaine and heroin!!!! WHY???!! Okay, how about the woman and her daughter in Las Vegas who were followed by three men in a car after a near fender bender, apparently unintentional, shortly after the woman had been teaching her daughter to drive?! Yep … so the three men blocked the woman first using their car, and the woman sped away around them and away. So, they followed her … right to her driveway where her son came out of the house to help … and killed her with a bullet to the head as her daughter sat terrified while the men then drove away!! This isn’t road rage, THIS is freaking insanity!!!

How horrible can it be to have been one of the more than 20 Egyptian “Christians” who were mass executed/beheaded by ISOL?? No … we don’t have to think about it at all … until it is someone WE know … like our daughter, RIP Kayla, or someone else we know. We don’t have to think about changing the vibrations on this planet either from demonic to peaceful … until the “demons” are at our OWN front door. This is, for me, where spirituality also comes into play. This is one of the many reasons that I visit the Brahma Kumaris’s “World Peace Meditations” in Miami and Hollywood, FL whenever I can … to join in generating some peaceful vibrations, in hopes that the vibrations reach some of the aforementioned “fools”! “Scapegoating” is an old tactic used to divert the eye away from the true issues and “blame the victim”, in a sense. This was done to many groups throughout “human history”. As intellectuals challenge the “status quo”, scapegoating becomes more and more popular. Just yesterday, I saw an article on regarding “No Muslim Zones” in the U.S.A.!! These “zones”, if you will, were identified after the murders of the Muslim students at the university in North Carolina. In American history, in particular, where the “founding fathers” were considered to be intellectuals , we have bowed down on many many occasions as we “observed” parts of the population here seek “scapegoats”. One of the most notable groups that practice this, due to their own ignorance, is the Ku Klux Klan … peace be still!

Since this “syndrome” appeals to the human condition, and we have driven intellectuals (as well as spiritualists) into the corners of our society, so their impact and “thinking” can be seldom heard or seen, we find “racism” raising its ugly head … over and over and over again. I dream of Dr. King’s dream, too, of peaceful coexistence.

Peace y’all!

John I. Cook

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