“Maintain, Baby! Maintain!”

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Happy Friday, Y’ALL!

And a T.G.I.F. is in order!! A good week, productive in many ways and I remain grateful for all of the things that have come my way. Perhaps, the good . . . as well as the “not so good”!

Don’t you just “love” those “back in the day” stories???!!! Not!!! I like them sometimes, just to get to know folks better. Maybe I can gain some insight on the “time” they are referring to … ’cause I always like a bit of history and some “honest, candid story telling”! So, indulge me while I get into one right quick!

You guys know that I was a “hippy” … and a proud one, too! I wore the kind of clothes I wanted, overalls made by “Landlubber” with some suede and leather stack-heeled multi-colored boots … and a unisex button-less collarless dark pink shirt underneath. The next day, I would wear my dashiki that I got at a street shop in Harlem … with my Afro combed just right … back in the day! I had leather sandals made in India and burned a lot of incense . . . and so on and so on. But I maintained, you understand!?! I got my work done in boarding school and played three sports my sophomore year. I earned a “work-study scholarship” package to college and lost a lot of weight my freshman year and was a “walk-on” for frosh basketball at Princeton under Pete Carrill and met Armond Hill. Our band from White Plains and Greenburgh/Parkway Homes, NY called “The Whole Damn Family” or earlier “Inner City Funk” opened for Earth, Wind and Fire at Princeton’s “Cabaret” . . . Do you get the picture yet?!? “I maintained, baby … I maintained!” Many say that after my upbringing and those early opportunities, I didn’t know any different.

You know, when I was in college, it was a tough time … I had to get tougher. Around the same time, my oldest sister was murdered and my brother committed suicide . . . “I maintained, baby … I maintained!” It wasn’t easy, things got tough … good friends were around … I can think of a few of them in particular. Now, I try to keep myself together, and, as one friend from back home said just yesterday on a social media post she put on my page. I try to keep sharing my good feelings … sometimes tough ones, too … and good vibrations. Nothing complicated … just the basics! So, in case you have a date for Valentine’s Day, enjoy yourselves … even if it’s your spouse!!! And, if you don’t have a “date” …. be good to yourself!!! As my Dad used to say … “Ain’t nobody else gotta do nothin’ for ya!” So, I appreciate it when folks do … and … when I do good things for myself … and for others!!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day Weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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