Is It Really All A Matter of Perspective?!


Happy Hump Day, Yeah Y’all!

Anybody feeling it yet?! Like you want the weekend to begin again?!! Yes, the days are moving along as we enter the second week of February and the second week of Black History Month. A friend whom I have never met personally mentioned her thoughts about Black History Month on one of peoples favorite social network – Facebook. It was so “nice”, Karen Hurley, that I have to mention it here. Of course, the suffering that your post referred to regarding the ultimate behavior that has degraded our society IS the way African Americans were treated during slave times … and it wasn’t that long ago. You are right also when you mention that we should honor the lives these folks gave for such a cause of equality.

Here of late, I have noticed a lot more Republicans coming out “talking bad” about Obama (last I heard, Boehner was going to sue him!) … and he isn’t responding the way “they” want. He is still cool, still doing what he thinks is right. This is indeed NOT an easy job. This is why most people don’t want such a job, and could never acquire one either. Here Mr. Obama is making history, taking a stand and doing the best he can in a very troubled world today. Now the Republican candidate, with Romney not running again, looks like Jeb Bush has his eyes on the White House. Here in SoFlo, the word is Marco Rubio (R) for President with the large Cuban constituency. I hear there are some others too, but, now they … “they” are starting to talk about “Hillary coming out of hiding”!! This is hilarious to me, to see adults accusing each other of hiding because … they aren’t all over the media with their “mediocre criticisms” of what exists already. Yes, Obama has captured and killed (as we say in modern history) … peace be still … Bin Laden; and has avoided several government shut-downs … witnessed numerous controversies and murders during his administration … hostages of ISOL as well as the unarmed murder of “Black men on the streets” … children killed in schools and movie theaters and on and on … Who would have been able to deal with all this … even somewhat successfully!? Me … or YOU?!? Tough job … and we haven’t even mentioned the economy and space exploration, nor environmental issues.

For some, it may look like Hilary Clinton (D) is “hiding”, while to more intelligent folks, it might appear that she is conserving her energy while the GOP candidates “duke it out”!! And, up until now, is the only possible female contender to run for the esteemed office of POTUS! It is really how one looks at a certain situation, perhaps with a clear bias, as to how we may interpret what we perceive. Again, one of my favorite lessons from yoga training and practice is that “everyone is a bit different … don’t compare yourself to others”! And from Educational Excellence (and the US Army!! lol!), “Be the best that you can be”!

Have a great Hump Day!


John I. Cook, Director
Educational Excellence

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