A Moment of Clarity


Happy Friday, y’all!

Now this is what I am talking about … T.G.I.F.!! Another full long week for me … didn’t have Monday off from work so it’s a full work week for me. How about you? Are you grateful today? Or have you found something to complain about already??!!!

Well, this past week has been one I will remember for a looooong time! The reason I say this is because I got to witness an event that will surely go down in history – the POTUS’s State of the Union Address … and I know … because he won two elections!!! Are people really that hate-filled? Wait … don’t answer that! Another black man with a long rap sheet was stopped in a Jaguar as he was a passenger in the back seat, and, had shot at a New Jersey State Trooper when he was 16 … He was well known by law enforcement, and, there was a gun in the glove compartment and he was in the back seat. As he seemingly “took too long” to put his hands in view of the officers who stopped the vehicle, he was warned several times … threatened … then shot multiple times. He … was unarmed. Could it be fear? So, looking back on the fact that Barack H. Obama has served one term and is completing his second consecutive term … and he reminded the tax paid “hecklers” in Congress of the same … that he won two times!!

How many of you have jobs where you can create two teams and then … disrespect the “boss”?? How many of you have a boss that when you disrespect him, he chuckles and continues making decisions that she/he believes is right and leaves you there … doesn’t fire you … and you still get paid?!? I can hear a pin drop . . . Even if you work for yourself, own your own business, you STILL have to listen to someone!! No?!? Are you disobeying the IRS? How about the state or city where your business is located … do you ignore their requirements for you to run your business?? I’m out of pins so I can’t drop anymore!! So, why do so many folks think it is cool to deface photos or photoshop pictures of the POTUS and The First Lady … even make “low class” hurtful comments about their children?! Okay, let the chorus sing: “Freedom of Speech”!! Don’t “we” still have the right to say what “we” want at work to our bosses and co-workers?!? Yet, we “watch our tongues” because even though we can say whatever we want . . . we don’t!! Is that because of the fear of losing our jobs and income?? Enter “the fear of losing money”!!

Have any of you ever been homeless? Have you ever had to visit a “soup kitchen” for food for yourself and/or your family?? It is not easy, which is why the 90 year old veteran of WWII in Fort Lauderdale refuses to stop feeding the hungry in the same location of the beach every Wednesday at the same time. Do you think he knows those homeless people on the beach that eat “his” food? Do you think he talks “bad” about them after he gives them food in an attempt to establish his dominance over these homeless people? Does his ego really need to “put homeless and hungry” people down??? Now, don’t get me wrong here … I am not suggesting that you NOT take care of your immediate family and loved ones … even your priorities. Do that!! But if you’ve got an opportunity to “give” to someone in “need” and you can do it … do that, too!! If not, the “universe” will understand!!

So a delegation of the United States Federal Government recently went to Cuba to meet with their comparable representatives under the authorization of the POTUS. A high ranking long time politician in Miami stated that: “This is all about cheap cigars and cheap rum!!” I was shocked at the “shallowness” of such a comment, not to mention the so-called “level in political circles” that this person can be found … living off of tax payers dollars. Then, a comment was made by the same female politician that: “No American Ambassador will be set up in Cuba because Congressional Representative Senator Marco Rubio (R) will NOT ALLOW IT!!” I wonder what he plans to do??? Even the POTUS himself suggested in his speech that everyone should have the right to a free “community college” education! He also suggested, “It’s okay not to like someone and disagree with [someone] policy, but we don’t have to demonize anyone!!” Now that is high level intellectual reasoning that many folks might not be able to grasp …

If you’ve a moment, take some time to meditate … quiet things inside your head … find your original peace-filled and loving thoughts … and enjoy some clarity. I know, I know … I’ll do it, too!

Have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director
Educational Excellence
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