The State of Affairs According to . . .


Happy Hump Day, Y’all!

How is the first month of the New Year going for you? I hope you are off to a great start! Who do you believe nowadays?! What motivates you to believe someone? Do you put what they say to the test . . . or are you a blind follower who believes something or someone because “so many other people do [it]”? I mean, how would you or are you evaluating your life? According to . . .

In the days following the “Day of Service and Remembrance” celebrated in Dr. King’s honor, we have seen and heard so many different forms of behaviour and responses, not to mention parades and other activities! Some folks I know went to the movie theatres to see “Selma” while others participated in organized workshops, presentations, programs … and of course, parades! Yes, I was at work … a matter of finances, but I dressed in the last suit that my “Momma” bought for me and remembered what they taught me and what I’ve studied … and what I’ve learned about living my life today. You’ve got to love Michelle Obama, Eric Holder, Sonia Sotomayor … and the POTUS, Barack Obama. I mean, regardless as to what folks may think or say that is negative about them, and there is ALWAYS some of that by “human nature”, they are amongst the major players in a nation’s government who have taken on the “charges” passed on to them by people like Toussaint L’Overture or more contemporary, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as the “founding fathers”, if you will, though things have changed a lot since then! These are folks who are trying within the “system” to make changes even though their ethnic heritage isn’t from “Main Street” America. It says a lot about both the country we live in and the progress we’ve made as well as folks who have earned their place in history in managing one of the greatest countries of this time! Both the good and the bad ….

The POTUS said that unemployment went down, and more jobs were created in America recently than in the rest of the world combined! Republicans say that unemployment has not gone down … Who do you believe? Do we have to pick a side like this is a game with people’s lives and their families? You know, partisan politics? As one guy said in an audio interview before the POTUS’s speech that he was born before and struggled during the “Great Depression”, and, that today’s government and the way they are “running things” in this country really bother him!! I am assuming that he is referring to the “partisan politics” that have led to government shut downs causing basic civil servants and their families to suffer while Congressional representatives still got paid while the government was shut down! Might I also remind “us” that Congressional representatives, and in many cases their family members, continue to receive “benefits” (don’t call them entitlements, please, that word is reserved for “the poor”!) long after they have finished their performances in Congress! Let some more trickle down … or can “they”?! A former classmate from Princeton posted an article on social media a few days ago hinting that by 2016, the wealthiest one percent in America will have more capital than the remaining “99%”!!! I repeat, “Let some more trickle down … or can they'”?! There were points in the POTUS’s speech last night when he sounded like Dr. King, encouraging “us” to help others and not get caught up in shooting and killing and robbing each other … for those crumbs … just sayin’! It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it!

So, that position you’re fighting for, that money that some people are killing for, those funds that the white collar criminals manage to manipulate … that is the trickle down “money” from that one percent … and we ALL are fighting over those “crumbs”, so to speak. Readjust your focus, sharpen your vision and continue to be the best that you can be!


John I. Cook, Director
Educational Excellence
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