“Be Like Brit!” & Haiti – Five Years Later

Be like Brit

Happy Hump Day, y’aaalllll!

What do you think about admitting mistakes? First of all, I’d like to thank the men who responded to the last e-mail, Mr. Jerome Tucker, producer of “Third Eye Open” in Washington, DC; Desmond Hannibal of the African American Research Library and Cultural Center in Fort Lauderdale; and Patrick Cure Leon at Parkway Middle School in Fort Lauderdale! It is always nice to get feedback, either way you like to give it, as it gives me some idea of how my writing comes across to you. Now, I do know that Monday past was the 5th anniversary of the earthquake that killed so many innocent victims in Haiti … I have worked closely with many Haitian families here in Ft. Lauderdale since my days with A.C.O.R.N. and now with H.E.R.O. alongside my Haitian friend (and her family), Marie Achille. There are many organizations that have taken on the cause of helping Haiti recover from that horrific earthquake five years ago and the limitless damage it caused to the tiny nation that shares an island with the Dominican Republic. Former president Jimmy Carter has an organization that has sought to bring needed food, water and supplies to the people there as well as establishing better housing for those who have been displaced and homeless. That number has come down tremendously. I also recall the Miami HEAT’s Alonzo Mourning’s organization providing desperately needed supplies and basic necessities for those who suffered from the catastrophe.

Probably the most famous South Florida (or national) connection that I know of with Haiti at the time of catastrophic destruction was … and is … a student from Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL whose life dream was to start an orphanage in Haiti!!! She, along with several other students from Lynn University who were working in Haiti at the time of the earthquake, as well as a couple of professors from the same school … was killed after the earthquake crumbled the helpless buildings, homes, schools and hospitals … not to mention their capitol building!! It has been said by Brit’s parents that just a few days before the earthquake, that she (Brit) had “fallen in love” with Haiti and wanted to live there for the rest of her life to start and keep up her own personal orphanage. Peace be still . . . Her parents wanted to be sure to help her further live her dream, so … they started the orphanage of their daughter’s dreams and named the organization and orphanage there “Be Like Brit”! What a wonderful tribute to a daughter!! What a fantastic movement that has caught on, gathering support, as well as the attention of the media. You see, when we draw the bottom line in our search for humanity, it seems that there are “people who really love people”!

Have a great day, All! Please feel free to use the Pay Pal link below to send a donation to us here at Educational Excellence! R.O.C.K. on in love!


John I. Cook, Director
Educational Excellence
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