“Increasing Long Life, Good Fortune, and Wisdom” – Amitayus

wisdom 2015

Happy New Year’s Eve Day, y’all!

You can call it “Hump Day” … or … you can call it “the last day of the year 2014” … or … just another day!!!

Are you all excited or what?!? Well, I hope that we all have found something in OURSELVES that we can improve. It is so much easier to find fault in someone else than to take a good long deep look at ourselves!! Try some “self talk” in the mirror sometimes. Be honest with yourself, ’cause we all often wear masks!! Who are we hiding from? Probably, ourselves! It is also so much easier to talk about someone else … be it their faults or challenges in life … than it is to talk about ourselves … sincerely! Ha!

Certain values in our human society need to be “uncovered” because they have gotten lost in the competitive nature of our society. Getting ahead is the paramount goal of most people … as opposed to maybe, respecting each other and getting A.L.O.N.G.! Perceptions of reality, as I noticed in a post/quote by Kareem Abdul Jabar (Lew Alcindor from New York), can vary from person to person. Who is right? Who is wrong? Screw that!! Let’s all get along!! Let’s work on T.H.A.T.!

Do you ever feel like you want to get out of “here” or change things for the better?! It occurs to me from to time … if I could just float away up to the heavens. Just a few days ago, I was riding on I-95 along a cemetery off of Sunrise Blvd. in Ft. Lauderdale … where my brother “Hank” was buried … I wished him a Happy Holy Day Season, too … RIP, Big Bro’! Of course, there were a few times when I remembered my mother and my father … even my sister Barbara Ann (RIP) who was killed in Mt. Vernon, NY by her then boyfriend during a drunken stupor and fight they had. Many of you have become like “family” to me. I feel like some of you are my “brother”, like Bobby Schulman or Robbie Williams who I often refer to as “Big Bro'”. Others are like a daughter to me – Natasha Carriles nearly saved my life when my own biological daughter rejected me some years ago … Love you, “Tashi”. Rafael Ventura Rosa, Vetalle Fusilier, Big Steve Morgan and Jose St. Elmo Wiltshire have each come to be like a brother to me, too. Can we really be one big human family??? Or must we be divisive, hurting each other and our environment with little or no care?!

So, New Year’s Eve, I will be joining a friend and yoga buddy whom I call “my partner in peace” for an event here in Oakland Park, FL with the same title as this e-mail. It is being sponsored the Drolma Kadampa Buddhist Center. The speaker will be a modern Buddhist monk, Gen Kelsan Norbu, both Wednesday night and Thursday morning, too! Sometimes, I like to try different things that may enhance my life, add a new dimension to my wisdom, a deeper understanding of my life … perhaps. Wishing each and every one of you, your friends and families … even the enemies … a Happy New Year – 2015!

“There is nothing more precious to us than our life.” – Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

Take what you can use … and leave the rest here on this page!

Peace and Blessings,

John I. Cook

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