“Merry Christmas!!”


Happy Hump Day, Y’all!

Yes, and tonight is Christmas Eve. Yes, I know, there are times when people can’t agree if to celebrate something or not to, to “crack” on someone who does celebrate “said holiday” or not to … OR … to find something positive in whatever holiday or event or situation in life … or NOT to! Lots of folks want to be “politically correct” while others could care less!!! I find myself mostly ” … living and let live!” Or, believe what you want … as long as it doesn’t hurt me or humanity. Of course, I will not “fight” anyone for disagreeing with me, nor will I stop communicating with anyone because they disagree with me!! That’s not mature!

So, when I say “Merry Christmas” to someone, I am remembering the warm times spent with my family and the values that THEY taught me were important, as they (values) pertained to Christmas. It was a family time … it was a time for “the kids” in the family … and it was a time to spend “quality time” … T.O.G.E.T.H.E.R. … as much as possible. Those were the days of sit down breakfasts and dinners when everyone was present at the “table”! Those were the days of “Excuse me! Could you please pass the butter?”, much like at the Thanksgiving dinner table. I remember the tree ornately decorated by “Big Ike” and the buzz going on in the kitchen as “Mother Mary” kept the vittles cooking all day, cakes a baking and light holiday music coming from the “console stereo” in the living room! When my daughter was born, we had a few decent Christmases, but never anything like those I used to experience as a kid.

In closing, all I am saying is enjoy Christmas the way a family would … the way YOUR family would … pull out all of the political stops and opposition to a wonderful “holy day” season, and . . . “Live and let Live!”

Merry Christmas!

John I. Cook

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