“So, What Are You Doing For The Rest of Your Life?”

you and others

Happy Friday, All!

Long title, right?!?

I’m going to do it, as every day … I say … “Thank You!” upon opening my eyes … It’s a habit, but I try not to get out of bed to start my day with out saying a warm thank you to My Creator and the spirit of life that lives within me.

The end of another year is coming, Obama is putting more legislation in place regarding Cuba, and, as usual, folks are upset! I noticed how “the media” started flooding all the stories of politicians views of the plan to “open doors” between Cuba and the USA, especially here in Miami where the Cuban population is tremendous. Most politicians in Miami are Cubans, a few Haitians here and there and a handful of African Americans. Change is difficult, but doing the same thing over and over (as one comment was made) … with no positive change … is insanity. So, I follow the reasoning as those who support the move also agree, as long as caution is always in place at all times, that this is a good change of approaches to a terribly strained and stagnant relation.

So, what about you? … or ME? What are we doing for the rest of our lives? Well, let me tell you … just a few months ago, I was job searching on the internet for teaching jobs, and, a job came up for teaching English in China … with Disney!! So, the pay was great and there was a lot of reimbursement for necessary visas and documentation. I probably could have saved some money and even paid off some “not-so-big-bills”. So, I got through to the third interview/contact, which was on the internet on Skype. There was a technical difficulty with the fact that I didn’t have a headset thinking that my laptop had a speaker and microphone (?), so she had to call me by phone from China! Shortly after the interview began, she asked me how old I was and I answered 60. She then said that the Chinese government wouldn’t issue a visa for me to teach there because that is their retirement age. That ended my quest to return overseas to teach … for now! Next …

There is always Educational Excellence for me … I hope and pray and … work to keep it going, thankfully. I hope to get this third book moving in the next year. Sometimes, it seems my life is all about finances for now, tutoring is slow, and I am always looking for speaking/presentation opportunities. Keep me in mind, okay?! ?What about you ALL? Any plans for the New Year … resolutions even? I plan to continue my yoga classes, working in the call center, of course taking teaching assignments and tutoring when possible. I’m going to keep moving, learning, exploring and sharing … and writing! Let’s make some plans, okay?!

Going to hit the Arts Park Sunday where the Brahma Kumaris of Hollywood is holding the Peace in the Park Meditation hosted by Roz Reich, Young Circle at 5pm-ish. We have our Christmas Party for the call center tonight after work and I also plan to go to a good friend, Solveig’s place for a “Christmas Party” Saturday. Enjoy yourselves whatever you do … and be well.


John I. Cook

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