Why Don’t You Just Chill Out!!?

frog chill

It’s Hump Day again, y’all!

How’s it going for you? This week was seemingly going slow … until this morning!! Wednesday signifies … at least for me … the middle of the week! It’s all down hill from here, you dig?! Silly, I know.

These past few weeks have been somewhat challenging for me. I mean, I am very very grateful for my health, able to put some funds together to keep the bills paid, and feeling at peace with the universe. How many of you can say that? Maybe, you’re doing much better … though it is all relative, right?! This is the season that focuses heavily on material things, expensive gifts, fancy clothes and costly trips!! It’s the “holy days”, y’all. And of course, most folks miss the point completely. It all goes to show how people follow fads and practices of OTHERS rather than doing the things that they believe are right.

Haven’t you ever found yourself in a situation where you were simply “powerless”? I mean, anything that one might do could lead to a problem. I mention this “challenge” from time to time because it seems to be part of our human existence. You can call it “one upmanship” or the “I’m gonna get you, sucka!” syndrome … or what have you. Two “hot heads” don’t solve a problem. Yet, with all this cool weather, even here in sunny Florida, plus the “holy day” season, one might fare better just chilling out! These past few days, I was thinking very hard about my mother, wanting to talk with her and stuff. Then, this morning, I thought about my father, “Big Ike”, and how he fought “bone marrow” cancer until he couldn’t take the pain anymore … peace be still. I miss them both … terribly … especially during this Season. I still want to make them proud, not to mention making myself proud!

Just yesterday evening, I was talking with some friends as we try to organize some larger scale tutoring for the local youth. One gent and I have similar experiences, and, it was so refreshing to see another “black man” working on helping the youth find their best educational opportunities. I am hoping to pitch in with some “spiritual educational” tools as well as the basic educational tools of “reading, writing and arithmetic”! Encourage each other, folks, young and old, and hold each other accountable to be the best that we each can be. Have a great Hump Day!


John I. Cook

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