Is THIS What It Comes Down To?


Can anyone say, “HAPPY FRIDAY”?! How about T.G.I.F.?

Well, human kind and our so-called civilization is becoming more and more barbaric by the seconds!! Here in America, “land of the free, home of the brave,” we have reduced ourselves to a color/caste oriented society in which certain individuals are allowed to carry guns, hang out in groups (gangs) and are allowed to interpret the law and decide if someone should live or die in a moments notice! Is any human being, especially those NOT TRAINED in behavioural psychology, really prepared to handle such a level of “power and control”?! Looking at the nation-wide protests surrounding the grand jury’s decision NOT to charge Darren Wilson, and then, the event surrounding the grand jury’s decision NOT to charge that member of the “gang of NYPD” officers who stalked, taunted, “got a rise out of Eric Garner” to the point where he waved his hands and asked to be left alone and NOT to be touched, it is clear that something is definitely wrong!!!

These are situations that only “highly trained and disciplined” officers should be permitted to handle. Just as there is a “SWAT” team, there should be an “escalated event” team in each police department that can de-escalate a situation to avoid killing any unarmed person. How can one justify the way the officer closest to the camera put his knee upside Garner’s head while pushing his bare head ONTO the cement on that city street with all of his body weight? The medical examiner said that Garner died due to being choked … and people … so-called civilized ones … have a problem accepting that FACT as one coming from a trained professional whose job it is to determine the cause of death!! Who do you believe then? Like one white woman hostess in the talk show network said, “What do they (police) have to do before they are indicted by a grand jury??!” IT really is a great question …. and I am sure no one has the answer.

People who “touch” other people in a hostile way definitely have a hidden agenda. It has happened to me, which is why I know. One evening when I was downtown, and had a couple of outstanding tickets in the City of Ft. Lauderdale’s Parking Authority, I came out and had a boot on my front left tire!! So, the “boot patrol” with a couple of parking authority agents and a couple of Ft. Lauderdale police officers standing by told me what I had to pay to get the boot off. I got closer to the speaking parking authority person, who was a woman, so I could hear what she was saying. A skinny, bony, feather-weight cop stepped between me and the woman and pushed me in my chest to move me backwards. I didn’t even look at the officer and continued asking the parking authority how I could get the boot off! The officer, realizing that I was ignoring his attempts to “push my buttons”, pushed me again!! I am much more disciplined than this jerk was and could read him like a children’s book. I ignored him again not even looking his way nor acknowledging his existence (nor the fact that he touched me – twice!), and, once being able to hear what I needed to pay in cash, I went into the establishment and used the ATM to withdraw the money to get this boot off of my car!! Another officer came up after that, once I got the boot off, and told me not to drive because … and I quote … he said, “You are drunk!” I looked at him, smiled and walked back into the club and enjoyed the rest of the night!! Wasn’t he disappointed?! Foiled again!!!

Enter Mike Ditka, ex-football player/now announcer for the NFL and Charles Barkley, ex-basketball player and sports announcer: they both chime in with the most unprofessionally based comments about what the NFL players for the Missouri team should do – apologize for raising their hands as they entered the playing field, and, about the protesters, which Barkley called “scumbags”. NEITHER of these characters are “studied” enough, in my opinion, and neither of them said that the officers should apologize. The NYPD as well as the Ferguson PD have both sought to improve their officers’ protocol, so …. something MUST have been done wrong!! Admit it … the grand juries are unable to see that TRUTH but the “people”, black and white and others, are taking to the streets in peaceful protest of a string of horrific deaths of black men at the hands of law enforcement officers. One official in the NYPD commented: “What you did not hear is that you can’t resist arrest … and he did!” So, Garner was stalked by NYPD for selling untaxable/bootleg cigarettes, provoked and surrounded by the “gang”, then … perhaps resisted arrest. Does that mean that the officers can KILL him??!! I beg to differ. Tighten up, folks … on both sides. Learn to live in peace, harmony and mutual respect. We all know that love is the answer but so many people were raised without “love” that I am sure that they don’t know what it is ….


John I. Cook

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