It’s All A Matter of Perspective . . .


Happy Monday, All!

Yes, yes, yes!!! How many of us are saying “No, no, no!” Because it’s Monday? Because those of us working have a five day week ahead? Or is it just because it is morning … and we want to sleep some more!?

Supposing we were grateful to be alive, able to open both of our eyes, even climb out of bed onto two legs?! Does that make a difference to your perspective of the fact that it is Monday?! I hope so, because it is important. Sometimes, I sweat stuff … think about stuff … let stuff worry me to the point of “no return” or “self destruction” … then I stop!! How many of us can say, “I’ve been there and I’ve done that!” We all know that worrying is pretty much a waste of time and a major cause of stress as well as misdirected behavior. “And if you didn’t know, now you do!”

Yes, it’s the holy day season and folks have a mixture of approaches to it. Lavish trees with splendid lights in and out of their homes are very popular for those who can afford it. Isn’t it nice! One woman on the news said that a house in her neighborhood, or not far from it, has an incredible light show on the front yard, around the house and on … and in the house!! This all can be seen from the vehicles passing by! Others may have a “not so fancy” array of lights on a modest tree in an even more modest neighborhood. Does that mean that they are “less-Christmassy” than others … perhaps, having less Christmas spirit than those with “greater” lights and decorations? In our modern day world, so much is based on comparison and competition that we often lose sight of what it is that is MOST important to ourselves as individuals, not to mention our family, friends and loved ones.

Some folks get sad because they do not have the resources to decorate and travel and spend lots of money during these holy days. Then, either they resort to “negative self talk” or feeling bad about themselves, their own lives, and sometimes find their loved ones lives worthless, too! NO! Please stop this comparison drama in your lives!! It is not about comparing ourselves to others on each and every level … that is not life! It is … life, perhaps … more accurately described as a journey for each of us, giving what we can, asking and receiving when we need to, and being grateful for what we have … both physically and spiritually. No one person has the answer to a “happy life” other than that person her or himself. This is why it is important NOT to compare the things that you have to the things that others may have. “‘t is the season to be jolly …”, if it were only that simple!

This past weekend, three former students of mine from White Plains came through to say hello … and hang out. We crashed at my flat like college buddies might or just good friends do, caught up on each other’s friends and families, went out to eat together and even enjoyed some time at my favorite night spot here in the FTL. It was a fine time … even finer seeing how these young men are doing … life is all about teaching the next generation to learn how to survive for themselves. It was great! Keep yourself in the “right perspective” for who YOU are … Otherwise, you may find yourself doing something that you never thought you would do … Make it a good one! Adjust your perspective, if necessary!


John I. Cook

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