A Peaceful Thanksgiving!

rainbow warriors

It’s Hump Day . . . you bet!!

It is also Thanksgiving Week!!! Ahhh … the thought of waking up when I want to on Thursday, in peace and quiet … no wife, no kids … just my fish! No, I am not being cynical . . . I am being honest . . . and I am good! I can feel the love and peace of my Creator all around. I love it!

In the day following the grand jury’s decision to NOT charge Darren Wilson, police officer in Ferguson, MO who shot and killed Michael Brown, I must say that I am proud of “the people”! Some were shocked by the violence there in Ferguson, though NO ONE was killed … RIP, Michael Brown … as community people turned over police cars, burned buildings, looted stores and even fired some shots!! It is hard for many of us to understand what they are feeling. Have we forgotten the mentally challenged kid in St. Louis just days following Brown’s murder who was shot and killed by two officers who seemed to be having target practice on his body?!? Another friend, from up North … told me about another black man killed in a dark NYC stairwell by a rookie cop … he was unarmed, too!

It was interesting to note one or two comments by “people” I know taking “pot shots” at Michael Brown (RIP) by calling him “sweet” Mike … and this “character” never even met the kid. I mean, what would happen if folks didn’t have guns …. really??? Over population??? Or a better way of co-existing??? Hierarchies of power, those armed and those unarmed, seem to create an anxiety where “we the people” have to depend on them for protection and leadership, respectively. Are they letting us down?? I mentioned to this “character” as well as one other person I know in law enforcement why don’t cops use tasers anymore?? Why do they resort to the “gun”?? If you look carefully, especially at all the “smack” talkers, that they see power in that damn gun!! The people who have them feel that they can use them as they see fit … And what if they are a racist? Psychopath? Nutcase? Officer Wilson says he acted correctly and wouldn’t change a thing. His story changes as he says Brown ran after him … or was that after he chased Brown first?? Heresay is a mother … Fear is a powerful motivator, even worse if you have a gun!! Does everyone with a gun have the discipline to ONLY use it if their life is being threatened?? When I hear some comments, including Wilson’s, it is clear that he, like George Zimmerman, doesn’t feel that he should’ve changed his behavior. THAT is a problem in itself!! People who think that they are perfect and, when a catastrophe occurs around them, that they are perfectly sure that they were perfect and don’t need to change a thing about themselves!! I repeat … Wilson could’ve called for back up, stayed in his car and NOT tried to grab Brown from his car (heresay) … or at least … at LEAST … used a freaking taser, if he had to shoot something at Brown.

Well, it is Thanksgiving, and I am just giving thanks for the parents I had (and still have!) in my life, the friends whom I had and still have … love you guys! I have gone through a lot in my life, too, as most of us have, whether we’re willing to admit it or not! I am thankful for many reasons, especially thankful for My Creator. “Who is that?” you may ask. MY CREATOR … that’s who! Who created YOU? Did you have anything to do with “it”? How about some negative people and experiences? Did you let THEM create you? You do have a choice as to what you choose to absorb or not … You, nor I, are not a child with naive ignorance and innocence! “Get on the sidewalk!!” officer Wilson told Brown. When they did not “obey” him, he threw his car into reverse and headed for the boys at a high speed. (Maybe if he tried stopping, maybe getting out and talking to the young men, it would have worked better!! But he was scared … and he had a G.U.N. Just like George Zimmerman!!) To me, THIS should’ve been done differently … just for starters. My dad used to tell me not to pick a fight because I couldn’t win every fight. I got beat up once or twice and he told me to fight back … not start a fight!! Big difference!!

So, I’m done here … I love youse … I’m wishing you a reflective and peaceful Thanksgiving with your families, loved ones … or just good friends. Our CEO at my day job, A.J. Sherman, is giving each of us a turkey to show HIS appreciation for our work. We are off a couple of days … a friend has invited me to see “Phantom of the Opera” tonight at the Broward Theatre for the Performing Arts; I plan on cooking that turkey somehow … somewhere … and planning to enjoy some free time!! Former student and great friend, Kenny Chiarito is in town from “Cali” visiting his mother in Sunrise, FL and I hope to connect with him again. Just do peace … forget about guns and power struggles for a moment. Enjoy some music, go dance, hug and kiss somebody … tune in to your “good feelings” … and have a peaceful Thanksgiving, y’all! Bon apetit! Buen provecho!


John I. Cook

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