“What Seems To Be The Problem Here?!?”

problem solver

Happy Friday, y’all!

Makes me wanna say, “Whoopee tie yie yayyy!” … but … I’ll settle for T.G.I.F.!! What about youse!?

I am feeling spunky just because … “Things” haven’t gotten better, perhaps …. just my attitude! I want to thank you all who read me and EE’s stuff, you all know that we are one in the same … me and EE … but I try not to take credit for too much or more than I should. So, the educational emphasis on spiritual elements of “life” is based in self-education and knowing oneself!! I touch on a lot of different subjects in these writings and I have a view on these subjects that I like to share in these writings. So, I thank each of your for reading these pieces, which are part of marketing for Educational Excellence, including at this time motivational talks and presentations, tutoring and life skills, and I appreciate it more when you share me with others. I have made connections through good friends (Solveig!) and even my sister recently!! Thank you each and all for reading, donating to “the cause”, and passing me on to others. (Take what you can use and leave the rest here!)

Is Bill Cosby serious??? Is everybody surprised by Obama’s speech? He made some great points!!! I hope the “Kids” can stop fighting in The Congress and learn that the people come FIRST. The police officer, Darren Wilson of the Ferguson, MO PD may resign; and, the people are still waiting to hear the grand jury’s decision while the number of firearms sales “spiked” there as they await the decision!!! Whats going to happen after that?!? The fourth rabbi died in Jerusalem after the horrific attack upon them by the Palestinian cousins. I beg to differ that any of this is “normal” nor can be explained as to how these behaviors represent “civilized people”!! I am still growing and learning, exploring corners of my journey, perhaps, and contributing to our times as best I know how. Of course, I think I have something to offer. So, I live to learn and learn to live!

How about the shooting on the Florida State University campus … at the library!?! Now, when we hone in on the shooter, FSU and Texas Tech law school graduate – Myron May, who was the most UNlikely of suspects, we find a very confusing situation and a very troubled young man. And no one anticipated such a “down turn” in his life!! He had friends whom he spoke highly of for helping him get a stellar education. Yet, his last few Facebook posts waivered from Bible scripture to a quote by former Black Panther Bobby Seale, and even a confusing post regarding “Driving While Black” (DWB) and how there is little attention paid to Black young men unless they end up dead!! Reports have had it that no one … NO ONE suspected the depth of his internal deterioration!! Now, how many of you believe that it is “hard out there for a brother”?!? This is one reason I reach out like I do with these posts and Educational Excellence and the spiritual approach to “knowing thyself”!! This gent felt he was being watched, followed and traced!!!! Believe it … or NOT!

Finally, in closing today, look at the situation of the POTUS? Congressional reps are actually THREATENING him if he uses executive power, which he did, to remedy the “immigration situation” in this country, until Congress can establish legislation to deal with the age-old problem. Mitch McConnell sounds like either a “gangster” or a little kid in the playground who doesn’t like the way “the other team” is playing!!! He definitely doesn’t sound like a politician whose salary is PAID by the American taxpayers!!!

Some of us never understand the pressure we put on “people” because of our racial or religious, even “other” views. Most people have no idea of where their own “breaking points” are until they have arrived. May we keep a hand extended for those who seem troubled, especially those who seem to hide it well. You never know how you can help someone … by a kind word … or a subtle truth! “It’s okay!”

Enjoy your weekends!


John I. Cook

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