Don’t Lose Focus!!!

don't give up

Happy Hump Day, Yeah!!!

Is it true that your … or my … or anybody’s “best friend” is ones discipline?! How much of it do you have? I mean, can you refrain from saying something or doing something that would certainly be an integral part of your own demise??!! That is discipline … even in the face of an idiot, a terrorist, an evil person clearly recruited by the forces of Satan!!! In retrospect, I am learning to keep faith in my Creator … peace be still.

An event that really helped me to see how some people handle even more horrific moments in life was the senseless massacre of the people praying in the temple in Jerusalem a few days ago, and were attacked by two men who were purportedly cousins. These lone Palestinians entered the temple while the people were praying; they were armed with hatchets and meat cutters … and an automatic weapon!!! These two actually attacked these “peaceful” folks who were not only defenseless … but praying!!! Now, I’ve come a long way in my spiritual life, though there have been things that happened that I couldn’t understand. To hear a student of one of the rabbis killed in the temple by these two characters say, “This is hard to understand, but we must know … that it is from God!” He continued saying that this event was designed perhaps to make him stronger, as well as those who knew and loved the rabbi. Keep in mind, two others, if I am not mistaken, were killed … and they were also rabbis!

It is hard to have faith when you see evil people apparently “getting away” with such horrible deeds! Doesn’t it make you wonder sometimes … which is a good thing, as long as you don’t lose your focus?! On what, you might ask? On yourself … and your Creator, I might answer. Some people come into our lives seemingly to stir up turmoil for no apparent reason. Perhaps, they have demons inside them controlling their weak hearts and lack of values for humanity. We can find people like this on our jobs … and in the midst of mayhem and confusion … like in Israel! The POTUS spoke very firmly regarding this senseless attack on innocent people. The Israeli leader responded much more intensely, promising a “firm hand” retaliation, if you will! Yet, this retaliation is expected from the leader of the country where this took place. Sometimes, things happen to me … like it did a few days ago at work when one of the managers lied to me AND sent me home because of something I said to a very rude “potential customer” who called me an idiot. I simply responded, “You must be the president of the United States!!” … and hung up on him! This manager, with a couple of his “cronies”, decided to tell me that our “parent company” heard the recording and recommended that I be terminated!!! Now, I know that they don’t listen to any of our “deals” so quickly … and ONLY if they are deals! This potential patient didn’t even know what a “pharmacy benefit” nor “benefit of ones health insurance” is … so, I called him back to explain. That was when he called ME an idiot! How charming!! This “manager” had me sign a form and suspended me for yesterday!!! Overkill??? Evil??? Indeed!

Yet, when I compare my situation to the young man who lost a role model, his rabbi, my problem seems far less important … not even pressing. I will forge on, dealing with these characters, and keeping the focus on myself … and my Creator! Much more comforting than to worry about imbeciles! Praying for peace in the hearts and minds of those whose loved ones were taken from them … peace be still …

Have a great Hump Day!


John I. Cook

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