In A “Tight Spot”!

tight head 2

Happy Monday, All!

I hope your weekends found each of you well. Mine was quite interesting for a number of reasons. The most prominent reason can be found in my “reflections” state … er uh “states” … because there were several. Things happened … were revealed to me … in such a short time, back to back, I didn’t have time to “respond” nor “react” because I was fully engaged in driving or cooking or something … and in such a way that I didn’t understand anything except the first thought that came to my mind.

Examples are difficult and perhaps even inappropriate to give about such “observations” but I offer a generalization. So, I was riding in my car that has a decent sound system along Dania Beach Pier area looking for a “memorial service” to say good-bye to Maria Faura, my former yoga teacher, who passed away due to an asthma attack apparently, and I heard all these extraordinary sounds!!! I turned the music down to see if there was something in the car with me (eeeekkk!), maybe in the back seat … I have no trunk in the Compass just a space for small bags … so, that was the extent of my investigation. I couldn’t just stop in the middle of the road at dusk 6pm and start looking under and around my car. So, I kept going. This same thing happened like 5 times!! Sounds … investigation … music turned down … silence … until the next episode!! Finally, I deduced that both Maria (RIP), my mother – Marietta Dolores …. AND my brother “Hank” (RIP, Henry Charles Cook), who had committed suicide by shooting himself in the head while overlooking Dania Beach … right where I was … but 20 years ago or so … were all “hitting me up” at the same time through a few sights (not given here) and sounds that are rare, if ever, in my small compact Jeep vehicle!! What would you deduce? Feel free to tell me, I don’t judge … do you?!

Life has its tight spots. Moments when you are faced with a decision … life or death …. hope or despair … overcoming or succumbing … and the decision MUST be made at THAT VERY MOMENT …. OR ELSE … and it has to be RIGHT!!?? That’s a “tight spot” for me!! It’s very challenging to “come back” from a wrong decision made in such a “tight spot”. For me, this is when one attempts to pull all the “messages” being sent through others … even circumstances and things … like the aforementioned … and arrive at a “sound decision”. Choose wisely! Thanks for the uplifting comments that some of you sent to me after Friday’s e-mail detailing the anniversary of my mother’s passing; and, another special thanks to “Bobby” Schulman for the generous plaque gift for my mother’s burial site at Kensico Cemetery in Valhalla, NY!

Enjoy your week, count your blessings, stay humble … yet aware!


John I. Cook,

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