Politics . . . Talking Out of the Side of The Mouth!

both sides

It is Hump Day, yes it is!!

Things have boiled over to levels of excitement for a variety of issues in the Florida elections and voting. Florida International University (FIU) wins measures for expansion – $1.8 million dollars worth! Scott edges Crist out in Florida and medical marijuana didn’t win 60% approval … only 57%. This was a nasty campaign and integrity couldn’t even be found on the back burner!!! Rick Scott did not want to modify the “stand your ground law” and he has been pushing some dirt on utilizing federal monies to help Florida’s unemployment situation and returning monies to the federal government. Scott blamed Obama for everything that HE found challenging. Now, certain issues are important to me … racial profiling in particular, and monies for education. It seems that Scott is reluctant to take a closer look at racial profiling, and the Hispanic communities in Miami seemed to go with Scott in this election. He promises more jobs …

It seems that some important issues have been swept under the rug including equal pay for women and abortion rights. While the election was very close in Florida, it does illustrate the division of the state nearly in half … with only a small number of people voting for the independent representative. I don’t want to talk bad about anyone but I am not naive and ignorant nor do I stand by and let someone state a perfect UNtruth in my presence. Politics are dirty, strategies to win votes prey upon the ignorance of the voters as well as to their fears. There is certainly a lot that “we, the people” never hear about in partisan party politics. The “machinery” is well greased by the money of powerful people and their organizations, businesses and constituents. Is there ANY integrity there … or left in partisan party politics?!? With Scott’s victory comes silence on a serious look at the controversial “stand your ground” laws …

When I think about “politics” today, major issues take a back seat to the “almighty dollar”. It is like, things don’t change in “the machine” … It’s like a politician has to “ride” fast enough to catch and jump on board an already speeding “vehicle”, grab the wheel and continue riding in the same direction!! Change is very slow … and often never comes. Tragedies, deaths and horrible attitudes on important issues taint any efforts for changing the course of this “speeding vehicle” headed in ONE direction!! That’s just my take on it … nothing important, right?! I mean, who am I!?? Just don’t ask me … or you’ll get the truth! I mean, if I did HALF of the things that Toronto’s Mayor Ford did, how far under the jail would I be?!? If I had bilked the federal government out of billions of dollars through medicare fraud as Rick Scott DID …. what would happen to me? If I hung out with and accepted monies from a “panzi schemer” like Crist is purported to have done, who would hire ME??

Okay, so the Republicans now control the Senate and we are in for an interesting “movie” from Capitol Hill – call it “Partisan Passion”, if you will. Florida’s new governor, Rick Scott, said after winning last night: “Democracy is messy (understatement!), but it is the best form of government in the world!” It is the kind of thing that makes me go, “Hmmmmmm ….” And we can’t develop anything better?!? It was the most expensive election in the history of the state of Florida, not the most honest nor democratic, mind you! Well, enough of my bantering, just sayin’! We’ll be hunkering down to another “four years” and let’s give hope a chance … I hope this partisan approach to “people’s lives … regular people … the American people” can shift a bit. Pray ….


John I. Cook

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