Just Doin’ What I Do!


Happy Hump Day, yeah!

It seems lately that I have been taking on some serious stuff, handling most of it pretty well … and with no complaints … and a little help from my friends! Just yesterday afternoon, after handling some issues with Bank of America and my checking account, I felt helpless … somewhat frustrated … and wanted to talk to my mother! Has that ever happened to you? It happens to me occasionally and I interpret that as her overseeing my carefulness in making decisions … especially those that frustrate me. People act “strange” sometimes … On my day job yesterday, I had one potential client telling me how special I was as we talked about her recovery from an illness and how she feels that the ONLY way she is here today is because of her Creator whom she chooses to call God. Then, I had one guy just answer his phone yelling and cursing as if he had “Ebola” or something!! No, this is not an “Ebola” joke … I wonder how people get so upset over a phone call … and what would happen if they had a REAL problem and how they would handle THAT! Say, on a battlefield in Afghanistan … would they still talk so much?! “Making something negative out of nothing … hmmmpfff!”

I have been “doing” Educational Excellence since like 2002. It has always been close to my heart as I try to make it something relevant … mostly to myself … but happy when other people find good things in EE that they can use in their lives! It is not about being “famous” or making lots of money. It keeps me humble, perhaps, so that if one day, I make a lot of money, I will know exactly what to do with it … as well as other resources that I share. It is easy to share love and peace … even happiness or humility. But these things aren’t so popular amongst most people or “the media”, if you will, so … we don’t value “them” much! What a travesty. That is why I keep doin’ what I do. I don’t want to be popular and I don’t want to be liked … though I like being appreciated for what I do. If those things come to me, I will humbly accept them and continue to be who I am. Yet, if those “things” don’t come to me, you can bet I will still be who I am.

On Friday, I will be doing a talk at Parkway Middle School here in Fort Lauderdale to a group of “at risk” boys. Now, this came about not because I know someone rich and powerful (ie – Trump). This came about because one of EE’s readers, Solveig Kirker, also a long time friend of mine, was at her son’s school for a meeting. She met a teacher, Patrick Cure Leon, who stated to her that he works with a “tough crowd”, so to speak. She told him that she had a friend – that would be me – who had a small business working with “at risk” youth. She gave him my information, she called me and told me, he called me … and we’re on for Friday morning!! Thank you Solveig, who, by the way is from Norway … super “Mary Kay” mom and a great cook! It is also Halloween, and the last day of an important month focusing on “breast cancer awareness” as well as domestic violence. October is almost over and “Oktoberfest” celebrations are closing and we embrace the Autumn season. Can we embrace each other as well? Can we embrace love , peace and happiness in its simplest forms while we “do ourselves”, so to speak? I think so!

Have a great Hump Day, y’all! I love doin’ what I do!


John I. Cook

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