Peace Be With You

peace training

Happy Monday, All!

Here’s to hoping your weekends went well and that you are ready for another wonderful week. I know that I am … full of gratitude … and peace. You know, it’s been a while now that I have been referring to myself as “Peace Boy” just to offset that little “angry guy” that used to come up way more often than I would like to admit! Yes, while I always tried to keep a smooth demeanor, certain things would really set me off like lying to me, and in the case of women, cheating on me. I could never understand why people did either, and, I even “tried them on for size” several times. Neither fits me well! Then, one day “we” learn that what other people do, is not necessarily a reflection on ourselves … it is a reflection on THEMself!

Yesterday, I had the fortune of having a full day! Yes, I even went downtown Saturday night where they had a beer festival … I don’t drink beer … but I had a great time looking at all the costumes as the street had been blocked off for the “block party”! After yoga at 11am Sunday morning, I met up with a client, a gent from Brazil, and we worked on accent reduction and proper pronunciation of words since he is a barber and needs to constantly talk to people. It went well. Afterwards, I drove down A-1-A in Fort Lauderdale, stopped by a few places I know, including Beach Place, and enjoyed the sights and sounds of a sunny Sunday afternoon on the Fort Lauderdale Strip!! Not many places like it … that I like so much, anyways!! Soon, I headed to Hollywood, FL to ArtsPark where the Brhama Kumaris hold their monthly “world peace meditation” in a beautiful area with trees, well kept foliage … and even a few colorful fountains as night comes on.

The topic was “finding peace within yourself”. As Roz did opening remarks and the music of a softer nature without lyrics played in the background, we all gathered in a semi-circle to begin the meditation. We also did some “Qui gong” breathing and stretching as a group to cleanse our inner organs. Sister Shirleen, a Brahma Kumaris now living in Jamaica, directed our thoughts to embrace peace. Her question was: “If we are peace, why are we always looking for it … and love and happiness?” The answer lies within . . . she had us discover. Once she finished, we again listened to some very soft meditative music as Kevin took us on a guided meditation “around the world” to different cities, where he spoke about how the people were “getting along” in these major cities in a peaceful loving fashion. This is what meditation is … quieting yourself … finding that peaceful place within, developing it, and learning to return to it with ease, time and time again. It was very fulfilling, uplifting … and yes … peaceful.

May we learn to value ourselves, what we are in our most natural state of peace and love and happiness. May we learn to share that with others ….


John I. Cook

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