Are These Kids “kidding” Me?!

kidding me

T.G.I.F.! … for starters!!! So, now Canada gets to test their terrorist preparedness. You all can see that people are losing it … from ALL walks of life. I mean, folks are doing some bold near “boundless” things today … and to each other! Harshness is almost cool in the most interesting moments of some discussions. Now, I don’t have a problem with sharing and sharpening knowledge amongst friends and associates because there is a tactful way of doing that … even if one is “right”!

Did any of you see the news clips on this character in Ottawa? Wow!! I mean, to convert to Islam … or whatever … and then attack the people of the very country you are LIVING in … I don’t get it!! I know for some, it seems logical. It’s like when kids run away from home … for real or for a prank … and they always come back. Of course, if their Creator is willing, they will escape harm and get back “home”! These guys (and gals as with the girlfriend of the Marathon bomber) hang out “here” in this country … eating the food, drinking the water, driving the cars here (or there, as in this case in Canada) and then want to harm innocent people who haven’t directly harmed them?! What a perspective in life!!

The latest incidents that have shocked me are the ones here in SoFlo where high school kids are “tweeting” stuff about attacking fellow students and teachers AT school! Several students have been arrested in Coral Springs in the recent past for threatening “posts” on Twitter ranging from coming to “shoot up” the school to bringing weapons and exploding pipe bombs!! Half of these “kids” don’t know how to make pipe bombs nor have they seen or possess an “AK 47”! So, what are they talking about? Is “terrorism” becoming the new “cool”!? Are you “kidding” me? I mean, we had issues when we were in school, too. Yet, no one … and I did say NO ONE ever threatened to come and shoot up Rochambeau Elementary School or Highlands Jr. High School, even though there was a “race riot” at White Plains High School. The issue was “racial tension”, which was real and had to be dealt with since kids from diverse backgrounds were coming to attend WPHS! We are witnessing some seriously troubling times, and, I hope that we can deter these kids from acting so ignorant. Law enforcement officials are locking them up to demonstrate that “Twitter” is no place to try to pretend to be a terrorist, and, one can easily be discovered as the culprit! The “kid” at South Plantation High School was discovered as Twitter tipped off authorities as to the origins of the tweets! The authorities met him at school the next day and arrested him! He will be in court this morning … not in school!

Have a great Friday, reach out to the young people and listen to what they’re saying. Help them figure out some of the confusing thoughts they may have in response to “fun” or “anger”. Each one, teach one . . .


John I. Cook

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