An Important Lesson Learned

follow your heart

Happy Hump Day, Y’aaallll!

Nothing like a good challenging experience to help one get re-focused and re-motivated! Did you ever notice how a challenge seems to give us a bit more depth of personality, perseverance even, perhaps more discipline … and self evaluation? This is one of my pet peeves, so to speak, to be able to accept my OWN criticism of myself! Now, I listen to others; but I have gotten “beat up” a few too many times being “honest and open” with folks, that I prefer to find my own errors, do some soul searching, re-direct my efforts, even ask a few close friends for advice … without being too obvious, and once again move “forward”!

So, the vehicle has been repaired to beyond my liking, so far. I got a new grill on my 2009 Compass that is white like the car. The front grill used to be silver colored plastic that had paint chipping. The repair shop got me this serious front grill and bumper and new “Jeep” logo in silver for the front of the hood. Yeah, I know, it’s all plastic but it looks really nice and fresh! Now, the ride … this thing has been aligned so well that it rides smooth, very smooth … and steady!

So, Tuesday, I hit the phones at work. It was a tough day for most of the best agents and I hovered around 4th place for most of the day. Now let me tell you … I got to talk with one possible patient who said, after my pitch,”It sounds like a “boiler room””. So, I told him, “Yeah, that’s what we do here … we would rather work than sit home. Make a little money … Have a good day!” I hung up. Then, after I closed a few deals, tough ones, I got this guy who told me, “Get a real job!” …. as he was home, too, “talkin’ smack” to me ….. and his mother whom I heard in the background … maybe his wife!!! I couldn’t get this comment out of my head. So, on my way to tutor my elementary school student in West Boca, I called my sister and told her that I needed a quick “meeting” or support group to clear my thoughts …. I was letting the devil get the best of me. I knew what to do but just needed some quick support. We both laughed as she told me NOT to call the guy back and to let it go, and, I agreed. Testing my patience, self discipline …. yes …. and humility!

The class with Stone was great, and, it also gave me an opportunity to feel a bit better about “things”, especially that darn comment. Sometimes, people can be so cruel … usually because they are lacking something in their own lives. It could be that they are just jealous of some of the self-control and discipline of the person whose buttons they are trying so desperately to push. Be careful, is what I have learned to tell myself, because when things are tough, the forces of evil aka “the devil” seek to destroy ones self confidence and self love. Appreciate the opportunity to learn yet another lesson … that’s what I do! Have a great day!


John I. Cook

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