A Little Gratitude Goes A Long Way . . .

keep calm beatles

Happy Early Monday morning … if you are reading this around 7:30am which is the time I am expected to pick up my Jeep Compass from the repair shop. Organizing all of the business locations for the repair shop and Enterprise, who provided me with this incredible SUV/Truck 2015 Chevy Traverse as part of the insurance, to drop the rental off required a bit of attention … and help! I had a little help from my friends! Thanks!

Needless to say, as one goes through an accident, small fender-bender, the paper work and costs for everything and filing and completing claims with ones insurance company and repair shop, I wondered how I would do it. I spent hours trying to get money into my account so the rental could be set up on it which finally came from one of my bosses at the call center. He transferred the funds into my account needed for the deposit to hold the vehicle once he learned of my need. Interesting enough, yesterday was his birthday, young kid who served in the Gulf and is IT coordinator at the call center. I am grateful he offered that urgently needed help because I need a car to go to work!! Grateful for “Kimo” as the boys call Nik at work, … he’s a Greek American. He told me to pay him back when I’ve got it …

“A little help from my friends . . . ” So, last Friday, I was trying to get the e-mail done the night before and had saved it in my “draft” file so that when I got up in the morning, like today, all I had to do was finish it and send it. Well, I finished it, copied and pasted it to the blog at Educational Excellence … but forgot to send the e-mail out!! So around, 2pm Friday afternoon, I noticed a “missed call” from Vetalle Fusilier out of DC but since I work on the phones, I couldn’t answer nor return the call. Shortly afterwards, I got a text from “Vee” asking me if I was alright because he hadn’t gotten the e-mail from me and EE!!! I quickly replied that I had posted my link on Facebook but thought I had sent it out. When I checked, it was still “saved” in “drafts”!! So, I went back into my e-mail … from work … and hit “send”. A little help from my friends, I’m telling you!! Rafael Ventura Rosa usually hits me up when he doesn’t receive his e-mail from me and EE, and … not only do I appreciate it, but it makes me feel pretty good inside!

So, also Friday morning, I was coordinating with Robert “Bobby” Schulman, my old elementary school class mate from White Plains, since I had asked him if he could help me with this $500 deductible which I need to pay to the repair shop as soon as I finish sending this out. He agreed, “my brother from another mother”, and I sent him the information and received a confirmation that the funds had been placed in my account!! (This is the same friend who, two years ago, when I had mentioned that my mother didn’t have a plaque on her grave-site in the Kensico Cemetery in Valhalla, NY, told me he would cover the $1,500.00 cost to create, produce and place the plaque … then fly me up for an impromptu ceremony at the Cemetery where Mom, Dad, my sister Barbara and grandma Mattie are buried!) We are in touch again, though we had lost contact like “Zack” and me had for like over 25 years … still friends …

The simplest prayer ever, which I say to my Creator each morning, is “thank you” …. I am truly blessed … with a little help from my friends! Thank you all … you know who you are!


John I. Cook

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