It’s All Relative . . . Isn’t It?!?

Paulo Cohuelo

Happy Friday, All!

Every time I look around each day, I am inclined to see the marvels of the universe. Where do we humans fit in? Now that we’ve … er uh … “we’ve” created our own “world”, so to speak, what will we do with it? Is there an end to “progress”? That’s what “they” say about heaven … that is our final stop!! Believe it … or not?! Reincarnation theorists and believers say that we will come back as something … or someone … else! What do you think. Should our “next” experience be something that shapes our everyday adventures? Are WE all related? It’s the kind of thing that makes me go “hmmmmm” … so …. T.G.I.F.!

Have we truly already entered the “space age” … right here on Earth?!? We have drones now that can do nearly anything, fly almost anywhere. Rockets and space crafts land on the Moon and orbit the Earth …. even landing on “space stations”!! I got into this 2015 Chevy Traverse last night that GEICO provided for me as part of my insurance benefits, and the thing has so many “bells and whistles” that I couldn’t figure half of them out!! Even lights and fancy designs, mobile device connections … not to mention safety features like air bags everywhere!! I heard that Michael Jackson has earned an awful lot of money DEAD that people can’t even make while they are alive. Am I rambling yet?!? Of course, y’all!! Is it all relative? I mean, if you are rich or poor … fat or skinny … happy or sad … it is relative depending on what you are used to … where you are coming from … and … where you think you or “we” are going when we leave “here”! I know I am rambling now … just trying to make a point!!! Still not sure of what it is, heh?!

When I was younger … like in elementary school, my hopes and dreams were very simple. Get home from school without losing my books or getting into a fight. Then, in junior high school, I was concerned with being “first” trombone in orchestra or the best football player or basketball player! At prep school, I was concerned with “losing my identity”. College was even more different because I wanted to keep my GPA high enough to continue to receive my scholarship monies while I worked, too! It’s all relative to where you are in life, and, what you think about your life … or “life” in general, not to mention “life after death”! Don’t worry, I am just philosophizing … not contemplating ending my life … ’cause I am enjoying the journey. Even last night in yoga, Leiza, our instructor/yogi kept saying, “It is not the destination, it is the journey that counts!” Philosophize on THAT one … if you will!

Are “we” all related somehow? My friends with the Brahma Kumaris teach that we are each spirits of light and energy in our most basic form … and that, indeed … this is a journey. That’s why I like them. The spiritual foundation of “the church” talks a lot about peace and love and helping each other along this journey … regardless as to where we are in our individual journey … and regardless of our destinations. Or … do we ALL have the same destination?!?

‘nough said, enough philosophizing. Thank you all for reading, passing me and EE on to others … and for just being yourselves … Thank you! Have a great weekend.


John I. Cook

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