Appreciation . . . It’s a Good Thing!!!

thank you

It’s Hump Day, y’all!

A tropical storm called “Gonzalo” hit up Antigua yesterday. No threats for us in SoFlo yet. Just a couple of days ago, a grandmother and her grand daughter lost their lives when the little girl slipped on the side of a canal in their backyard and fell in. Her grandmother, who cannot swim, jumped in to save her ….

So Tuesday, a father was watching his children – a 2 year old girl and an older little girl – and stepped inside the house for just a moment to get a glass of water … When he came out, the children had disappeared and somehow … fallen into a lake at their Miami neighborhood! It only takes one second … to NOT appreciate someone or something …. and then … they are gone!! Neighbors say that they have NEVER seen the children left alone! Both parents are devastated.

Is it true that we humans don’t appreciate what we have … as little as it may be … until “they” are gone?! So, here’s a tip … appreciate what you have today … you may not have “it” tomorrow. There are so many things to be grateful for that we often take everything for granted. Family members … a father or mother … a daughter or a son … How about your OWN life? Are you grateful for that, too?!? I hope so. In today’s world, people seem to take friendship and kindness for granted. Why? Are we becoming less civilized as a result? Do you say “Thank you!” when someone holds a door open for you to pass through?! I hope so … though I have witnessed many a person walking through as if somebody “owes” them something? How awkward is that moment when you say “Hello!” to someone and they don’t respond?! Don’t lose your appreciation for “kindness” just because someone else does! Keep pushing the “good stuff” … ALWAYS!

Have a great Hump Day!


John I. Cook

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