“Cops Gone WILD!!”

cops gone wild

Happy Friday, y’all!

I’m about to yelp it into the skies above … T.G.I.F.!!!

What a week it’s been … but it’s over!! A lot of work at my day job … phone work is tough … gotta let stuff “roll off your back” ’cause people get cranky when you call them. I always try to be on time … and … yesterday, since I was rushing at a traffic light with the right on red, I accidentally bumped a lady in front of me! I was late to work for sure and … there is all that stuff that goes into an automobile claim, especially time and money!!! Still, I rise … Thanks for all your help and support, y’all!

Okay, yeah… there was a cop there who pulled over. The woman was a senior who was on her way to the bowling alley which is right next door to the office where I work. Nothing wrong with bowling at 9am … if you’re a senior. She was so cautious at that intersection, that I was in shock to see her move into the intersection … then STOP! I swerved to miss her vehicle, which she stopped because she said she saw an “unexpected vehicle”, but clipped her rear left bumper with my front right one! For all practical purposes, I was in the wrong …

So, I saw on the news just a couple of days ago, that outside of Chicago an African American man with his “babies’ momma” was stopped by police. Somehow, the focus went from the woman, who was driving, to the man who was a passenger in the front seat … kids were in the back. The police begin by telling him to get out of the vehicle … which he refused! He hadn’t done anything wrong, and, in my opinion (cause it’s happened to me) this was a power play on the part of the “cops”! Now, some of you may remember that my father worked in law enforcement with Pinkerton Detective Agency (armed guard unit) as well as was an auxiliary officer for the White Plains Police Dept. So I am NOT against “cops” or law enforcement. I believe that we MUST hold them accountable since many of them have proven time and time again to NOT be so trustworthy!!

Last story … it was in Brooklyn a few days ago … caught on videotape. Two cops are “stopping and frisking” an African American male and one cop draws his hand away from the man’s pocket and pulled his hand back from him. You could hear on videotape the man saying, “Give me my money back!!! Give me my money back!!!” The Brooklyn officer refuses, and, instead … takes out his pepper spray and sprays the man in his face!!! Then the man’s girlfriend steps forward and tells the cop to give the man his money back. He pepper sprays her, too!!!! This is a clear case of “Cops Gone Wild!!!” Be careful out there, ask law enforcement officials appropriate questions, like the aforementioned (Give me my money back!) But be prepared for consequences and be prepared to put it on video! Here in South Florida, they have begun to require police officers to wear cameras so that they may be held accountable for THEIR actions, too!


John I. Cook

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