“Just When You Thought It Was Safe . . .”

locked heart

Happy Hump Day, yeaaaahhhhh!

Yes, I got up early to watch the lunar eclipse … I wasn’t able to see the Moon and the Earth and the Sun the way they appear in those professional photographs. I live a bit West of the Ocean and most of my view of the sun rising was obscured by local foliage. So be it. I did get to see the red hues in the nearby clouds and sky as the sun rose over the Atlantic …

Now, I know you guys know the “JAWS” movie and the expression, “Just when you thought it was safe to go back in to the water ….”. So, I want to share something with you all since I have shared so much already about this particular topic. It is hard to talk about it but for myself, it is important to be honest … as honest as I can … regarding things … “people, places and things” … that touch my heart. I am the kind of guy that feels stuff … like rejection or harshness … or just plain old ignorance. I also feel positive energy, vibes and love! Now, I know how to handle those things while “feeling the feeling”, if you know what I mean. I may shed a few tears, I may become melancholy, (even excitedly happy!) … but I don’t become violent … or self-destructive in response to certain disappointments in life … You’ll see what I mean in a moment.

So, you guys remember when I bragged on how my daughter was moving down here?! She did … she even got a job and her own studio apartment in Boca, since she had brought her own Jeep Liberty down with her on the Amtrak Auto Train. You know, we did okay for a while … I picked her up with her significant other from Holy Cross Hospital where she had undergone a needed surgery. My sister even helped to identify a doctor for her here since she was in Connecticut when she first learned that she needed immediate medical attention. So, we all pulled together to make that happen here in SoFlo. We (Ayanna and I) began to communicate a little bit though we hadn’t been around each other since her late teen years when she came to visit when I first moved here. Before then, we hadn’t been in each others proximity since she was like 4 years old … just before I moved to Cali, Colombia, South America to teach … and get over a very uncomfortable divorce with her mother. Soon, the talking turned to texting and more and more time went by in between. Finally, one day when I was trying to connect her with a good friend here who was helping her with yet another “personal issue”, the bottom fell out. It was late one weeknight, our conversation wasn’t going so well. She wanted to talk negatively to me about someone … a friend of mine whom I had introduced her to … to help with that “issue” I mentioned. I don’t do that ….

So, I told her that she should call this person, since communications had gotten interrupted and she still needed this friend’s help with that issue. Then, when she asked me if I wanted to know about all the communication problems between she and my friend and I said “No!”, things went very poorly. She hung up the phone on me … later sent me a very hurtful text … and then blocked me on Facebook!! This form of communication leaves a bit to be desired … texting and hanging up the phone on people. Last I heard, she had gotten laid off, moved out of her studio and went to South Carolina. I sent a text and got no response …nearly a week later. I am cool … I ain’t no fool … feelings are real but they are NOT facts … So, I keep moving and growing … spiritually!

Have a wonderful Hump Day and enjoy the rest of your work-weeks!


John I. Cook

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