Don’t Let The Devil Rob You!


Happy Monday all!

It is another opportunity to “be you”! Are you proud of that?! I mean, everybody can’t be the president or the best athlete or the richest person on Earth. But … we each can be “ourselves” … don’t let anybody rob you of that, especially “the devil”!

Yesterday, I woke up early to get my day started after a fun night out with “dem boyz” aka my friends at Capone’s Night Club. So, while I was awaking and listening to a tel-Evangelist, I heard the message: “Don’t focus on your problems, lest you become hypnotized and paralyzed by them … which is actually the “devil” at work”, literally, robbing you of your self esteem, your sense of self worth and even your motivation and justification for being on this Earth!! Of course, the other “negative forces” hone in and assist if one allows them, to reduce ones idea of believing that she or he has just as much right to pursue ones dreams as any other person, no entitlements for ANY reason. That’s the hardest to enforce, since the human character “often” succumbs to that opportunity to be “better than someone else” or in control of someone’s well being, if only from time to time … or for a little while!

Expressions like: “The Devil is a liar!” are conceived because people realize that there is indeed some negative energy at work in the universe! Good things seem to take the “back seat” because of society’s direction and individuals need to be “on top”. Interesting thing is that often times, these “individuals” and institutions run by such individuals take the selfish and “I am in this for myself” attitude rather than working for the good of human kind. Just last night on “60 Minutes”, there was a story of the pharmacy’s pricing of the best “cancer drugs”. One gent spoke and he simply said, “We set the cost of the medicine to reflect the hard work and research that goes into making it as well as the cost of producing it!” He never mentioned that cancer patients should be able to AFFORD this medicine. Finally, one critic of the pharmacies producing various cancer arresting drugs mentioned that the pricing should also take into account the financial situation/age of the people who need these drugs!! It was quite clear that there was a “high profit” motive in setting such prices. Could that high profit motive be “the devil”??! One doctor said, “It’s simple. Either the patient gets the money required for the drug, or the patient dies.” It was revealed in a comparison study that the price for the SAME drug is half in Canada and other European countries!

So, take this Monday, y’all … all y’all … and make the most of it. Prove the devil wrong and show your Creator some love. Have a great day and a wonderful week.


John I. Cook

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