The Global Citizen’s Initiative


Happy Monday, All!

How were your weekends? I hope they went well. You know, life has it’s ups and downs and twists and turns … as many of us sometimes learn … So, I keep going with the flow, that’s how I roll!

Saturday night, as I went from channel to channel (I don’t have the onscreen “insert” on my Mom’s old tv!), I noticed that there were some “stars” like Alicia Keys, Jay Z and Beyonce, The Roots and a few other talented musical groups. There was also the Prime Minister from India and the female Prime Minister of Norway on the program talking about their commitments from their countries towards ending “extreme poverty” by the year 2030! I think that they’re referring to “world poverty” because India’s Prime Minister promised to get a toilet for everyone in India by a certain year, which escapes me … but it’s in the near future. Then, Norway’s Prime Minister pledged something like $250 million USD annually towards making improvements “world wide” to end extreme poverty. What a concept, heh?!

Sunday morning as got ready for yoga, I watched a couple of tel-evangelists … Steve Alessi from Metro Church in Miami and Joel Osteen out of Houston, TX. Their messages were similar to mine from last week about “miracles”, regarding those of “us” who may not have been treated so well in our lives, had some bad breaks – nasty divorce, job loss, serious health issues … and need a “miracle”. They both suggested that “one’s time will come” when the angels do their magic in your life OR … that person comes along with that opportunity that you need. Our Creator is working to bring those things to those of us who mayn’t have fared so well! Beautiful concept, too, isn’t it!? And as I stated, one’s got to believe in miracles … in order for them to come true!

So, The Global Citizens Initiative is a huge movement seeking to deal with the major core issues to bring basic “humanity” to the entire world! There is a lot of support for the Initiative and one can join free and become more aware of their initiatives. In closing, I just wanted to mention a story that I saw on “60 Minutes” in addition to the close up on the POTUS with questions and answers. Very very enlightening. The story that I am referring to is one about a boot camp that convicted persons can attend to eliminate lengthy prison sentences. While it was intense and interesting, I think that most boot camps have been closed down in Florida after the death of that teen-aged boy at a boot camp here in Florida a few years or so ago when the young man died after being told to run by guards, and, when he didn’t (and couldn’t!), they attacked him. He lost consciousness and died. This “camp” on “60 Minutes” had a few success stories and seems to be trying to rid “boot camp” options to prison of that negative stereotype for being mis-managed! Do what you can to be a “global citizen”. Reach out and help someone … touch someone … even inspire someone when you can!


John I. Cook

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