Are Miracles Real . . And Worth Waiting (Working) For?!

my miracle

Happy Friday, y’all!

Sure … I got this … T.G.I.F.! Okay, your turn!! Is there anyone or anything that you want to thank for being here today? Go for it!

There is no wonder that I was a sociology major in college … I love people! I love observing them … and us … to note how we behave in certain circumstances. I like learning about others and what makes THEM tick. Of course, I often take a close look at myself and how my life may be a lesson for others. Yet, there are some things that happen in life that one cannot explain! The best moments are those when listening to explanations by humans … of a clear miracle, definitely “caused” by something “greater than ourselves”. Now, it could even be a conglomerate of “persons, places and things” beyond our understanding … unless you believe! In what?! In miracles!

Okay, here is my first example. How many of us remember the homeless woman being beaten by a California State Trooper near Fresno that was caught on video by some motorists passing by? How many of you thought that the trooper would get away “scott free”? I did … for a moment. Then I thought to myself, “If justice is not served HERE, it cannot be properly served anywhere in these here United States!!” It was served! Not only did the woman NOT die nor suffer any serious injuries, she was awarded $1.5 million dollars!! Take it and twist it however you wish … but … she cleaned up nice, and hopefully, will do much better with the earnings from the law suit. Do you believe in such miracles?!

Here’s a second one, though I “twisted” it a bit to fit the “miracle” category. Just a few days ago, another incident with a South Carolina state trooper took place … and was caught on camera! It was when the trooper had stopped an African American man and talked to him a bit and finally told him to get his license. The man went into his car to retrieve his license with the door opened … and him unarmed … yes, again … UNarmed! When he turned around to show the trooper his license, who happened to be a young white male, the trooper began discharging his firearm at the black man who immediately put his hands up. He was hit by the trooper’s bullets … twice maybe … and didn’t die, or er uh … and wasn’t killed! MIRACLE!!

Okay, here’s the last one … and again, I twisted it a bit so you can see the miracle. Four middle school boys in Miami brought “guns” to school. One had a gun in his waist band at school and another had a LOADED gun in his backpack … AT SCHOOL!! When I witnessed the photographs on the news of the young men being taken into custody, I saw how small and frail these young black boys were!!! Wow!!! Here’s the miracle …. Other students at the school reported what they had seen and heard … IMMEDIATELY!! Administration was alerted, police and their dogs were called in and the middle school in Miami was shut down. Parents worried for their children’s safety and many tried to get into the building, but to no avail. Yet, NO ONE was killed … not even a shot fired!! The youth were arrested and taken to a juvenile facility. May they learn to study and live at school without guns!

The choice is yours … to believe … or not to believe. I believe in miracles … look at US!


John I. Cook

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