Another Love Affair Gone Wrong?!?

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Happy Hump Day …. yeahhhh!

As the school year continues and hurricane season looms in The Tropics, the POTUS authorizes and conducts air strikes against ISIL forces and is gaining support from many nations to challenge the terrorists in that region. So much going on while we live our personal lives to the fullest. Is anyone feeling any anxiety regarding the international arenas? How about in your own “hometown” arenas?? Is there anything “poppin'”?

Here in SoFlo, it seems that another love affair has gone wrong. Last weekend when Tanya Gonzalez, an employee at “Mojito Hut” in Bayside near the AA Arena, had finished shopping with her aunt at the Dolphin Mall or thereabouts in Miami, she and her aunt said good-bye for the last time. Tanya is … er uh … was a very attractive 28 year old Latin American woman that was very close with her family, including her biological father who flew down from the New York/New Jersey area as well as her mother’s “new” husband in Miami, who suddenly disappeared from the family’s radar. After that shopping trip with her aunt, she was supposed to go home and then meet up later with her aunt. That never happened. She also didn’t show up for work on Monday either. Suspicions rose and the ex-boyfriend, Roy Blanco, became the prime person of interest. Various reports had he and his mother renting a car for “work” first; then they rented a small watercraft that they were supposed to keep in the waters of Miami. Soon after, Blanco, the small boat then out of gas, a Siberian huskie and his mother were found in Key West hanging around an open field.

The search continued for Tanya as family members feared the worse when calls to her cell phone had gone straight to voice mail. No one had heard from her and soon … the ex-boyfriend and his erratic behavior, including the aforementioned car and boat rentals, drew suspicion. Neighbors near that field in Key West called the police to investigate the trio’s strange behavior in that field. As officials closed in, people in the area took note of Blanco’s mother’s behavior. One local gent described her facial expression as one that had seen a ghost! Soon, Blanco emerged from the woods wielding a knife, saying nothing to officials, and stabbed himself in the stomach. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, but to no avail. His self inflicted wounds proved fatal.

Tanya Gonzalez’s new model BMW was found in Miami … with a body in the car. It was Tanya Gonzalez … What?!?! Now, amidst the grieving process, the family is also left with trying to figure out what happened, not to mention understand WHY this happened. Blanco and Tanya had been considered “exes” by the family, friends and media. So many co-workers,, friends and family members described Tanya as a very caring and peaceful person, responsible and close with her family … and now gone! Blanco’s mother was taken to a local hospital and is expected to be okay … and may be facing charges, depending on what the investigation unfolds. It just goes to show, as Tanya’s biological father wept and said, “Love your children every day! Hug them and kiss them … tell them how much you love them. Keep them safe . . .”


John I. Cook

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