The Flow of Goodness

the flow

We’ve got a Monday on our hands, I am glad to say! I always try to keep looking “up” nowadays and sometimes looking past the challenge. Now I am like many people and try to avoid encounters where I have little or no control! It is not that I need to be in control of anything other than myself but it is more comfortable “knowing” the outcomes of your efforts. It can’t always be that way and I was fortunate enough to have come through such circumstances recently! It was like a miracle resulting from “faith” and “works” (biblical reference). Some of you regular readers may remember my piece “Stay the Course”. I had to put the same anecdote into practice the following week … last week.

I just remember my parents, especially my father, being on their knees nearly every night when I had gone into their bedroom to say good night. When I was much younger, like 9 or so, I used to sleep with my mother until I dozed off to sleep. She would often put me into my bottom bunk bed with my brother “Hank” on the top one. Yes, indeed, I was a “momma’s boy”. But my father still liked me … still supported my efforts … still dropped on his knees and prayed some nights with me right by his side. So, I know what faith looks like. Both of my parents went to work every single day … so I know what works looks like, too. They always taught me to be the best that I can be and to do the best that I can do. For me, this behavior is like “priming” the flow of goodness.

So, just remember, there are times when extreme faith … coupled with hard work … can yield the things that we need most in our lives. Of course, I want to thank each of you for reading, and, when moved to do so, passing me on to others!

Have a great Monday and a super week.


John I. Cook

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